Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bring It

So, day two began with some minor skirmishes between the kids. (That new year smell seems to have worn off of going to school rather quickly.) Things were calmed down under close supervision, and the kids left for school.
Then Ruby, the St Bernard, comes in with a bloody nose from a vicious frontal attack by a ground squirrel. That was doctored, and she went off to sulk on the swimming pool steps. I will have to get a pic of her, because words just can't properly do it justice.
Meanwhile, Daisy the rat terrier, had discovered a small piece of a Fiery Dorito buried in one of the white sofas. With single minded dedication she was tearing apart the sofa to get at that small piece of Fiery Dorito. Not the end of the world, throw the dog outside, put the stuffing back in the sofa, pile a bunch of pillows on it and it's hardly noticeable. 
On to the laundry... Marymine's house has been completely remodeled. All the appliances are new, and come to find out some of them talk!  You can start a load of towels in the washer and go off to do other chores, humming to yourself. (Remember I got my hum back.)  Things go along smoothly, until out of the blue you hear..."I'm done!"  Say what!   Then tones that sound an awful lot like your smart phone ringing. While your hunting for your phone, the voice keeps telling you...  "I'm done!"  Turns out all this was coming from the damn washer. The secret to stopping the voices is to hold down the power button until all systems die, or just flip the breaker.
I won't go into the part about stepping out of the shower to find that...!

After dinner, the boy goes outside then hollers for me to come outside so I can move my ol suv. Ahhh, Ok!  Grab my keys, go outside and what the heck...

 a huge juniper branch was in the process of squishing college girl's old '72 pickup.  Jump in my ride, that was also parked under the huge branch, and move it out of the way.  The grandson goes to the shop to get the heavy duty forklift. (The one that normally wouldn't be here, but had been brought over to drag the roasted tractor carcass out of the field the day before.) He uses it to support the limb, and drives the '72 out from under it.  Finally after a bit of heavy duty forklifting it crashes into the driveway, and is skidded off to a burn pile.  Only damage to the pickup is a broken off antenna and a few scratches.

All in all the day was manageable, and I do love getting to spend time with my grandkids. Can hardly wait to see what today brings...


  1. BOOOOOOOOZZZZZZ . . . . . that's all I'm gonna say . . . :)

  2. Goodness you are a magnet for adventure! I hope it calms down real soon.

  3. My husband has been trying to get certain groups to invest in a project of his and twice this year after talking to each of them (one in the Netherlands and one in Maine) they lost one of their children to death the next week!! I am so hoping your bad luck stays the way it is.

  4. These boots were NEVER made for walking. They are for running like the dickens from one disaster to another...right?

  5. Oh the trees are after you all! Glad no people were bitten or squashed. I'd say something positive but I don't want to jinx you.

  6. BILL: You understand my adding an Emergency Margarita CamelBak to my survival kit.

    GM: It is turning into a given.

    TABOR: No offense but I'm so not investing with your hubby.

    GRANNYANNIE: Right you are!

    CELIA: LOL, I'm feeling the need for going coastal.

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  8. Holy crap. Outside of just happening to have a fork lift handy, the main positive here is that your day is certainly not boring.

  9. AP: "Holy Crap" pretty much covers it alright.

    LL: Yes Sir.

  10. Wowzer... And I thought 'my' days were screwed up!!! Glad you got the vehicles moved! And +1 on LL, good scotch!!!

  11. OLDNFO: Yes Sir, that and a really good c'gar.