Monday, August 12, 2013

Wanted: Ocean View..

Really considering dipping into my emergency mental health fund for a couple of days over at the coast. A few days of morning fog, afternoon sun, sand, waves, beach, wine, and bonfire time are looking pretty darn good.
 Marymine and the college girl are on the road to cg's college in the midwest, therefore, I'm kids, dogs, and house sitting.
Last night went fairly well, although her house is in the middle of the largest population of ferocious county birds(mosquitoes). If you stay in the pool using Ruby, the St Bernard, as a float or indoors slathered in repugnant concoctions you will be fine. I've heard that half a lime rubbed on your skin will repel them as well. But lime potency seems to decline rapidly after you have sucked on the limes during the T shots thing.
First day back to school for the two grands today.  They packed their lunches last night, set out their clothes, set alarms, so they were good to go early this morning.  One small hitch, the boy's chocolate lab managed to bust the boy's glasses sometime last night.  A somewhat frantic search ensued this morning to find the only other pair. The extra glasses were found and off the kids went to school.
I was busy rearranging Marymine's furniture early this afternoon when there was one small boom, followed by a BIG BOOM!  Looking out the back window I see...

 a tractor and big baler going up in smoke and flames.  If you ever wondered what $50,000 dollars looks like going up in smoke, that's it!  One of the irrigators and I ran out there to make sure no one was hurt, no one was, thank goodness. I don't know what caused it, yet. The booms were the tires blowing.  
It's not even half way thru day one and the adventures have begun...


  1. Spectacular. I hope it was insured.

  2. LL: LOL, thought I was the only one to appreciate the Spectacular! They are insured, but you know how that goes...

    OLDAFSARGE: Yes Sir.

  3. Looks like a little one, it's the $300K ones that REALLY get people's attention!!!

  4. Holy flaming farm equipment Batman! Looks like a line flames off to one side, did it burn up to it I wonder?

  5. How often do tires explode like that. I grew up on a small farm, but we didn't have any of the fancy commercial equipment with the big tires.

  6. Yikes, amazing no one was hurt, except the owner.
    I see you are continuing your career as a house sitter. At least your ventures aren't dull.

  7. That foggy moist ocean air is feeling better and better, I'm sure, after staring at what must have seemed a hallucination out there in thar field.

    Oh boy. What a loss. If our John Deere incinerated, we'd be sick!

    Well, so much for house sitting Brighid. What more could happen?

    I'll stay tuned.

    Meanwhile, get yourself an old beach umbrella, put a towel down on the porch, put your music on, pour yourself a cold one, and think "I'm at the ocean, I'm at the ocean."

  8. I hope you get that break. Dad and Big Bro headed to seaside for a few days (Cannon Beach just getting too expensive).

    I wish I could join them. September still on, but looking like I will arrive on well, October, 1st or 2nd in PDX. More later.

  9. OLDNFO: They all get our attention!
    CELIA: The tractor/bailer fire caught the dry ditch on fire.
    TABOR: The heat breaks the seal between the tire and the rim. That is what caused the booming sounds.
    AP: The outfit that swaths, bales, and brokers' the hay for my daughter is under contract. Never dull here, just wait a bit.
    CHERI: Too odd, a fleeting thought of the Judge & his beloved tractor crossed my mind at the time, who knows why.
    BRIGID: What great news that Dad & Bro are off to the coast. I like Seaside, great beach volleyball, and kites.

  10. Hang in there, Girl, this time will pass.