Sunday, August 18, 2013

State of Being

 I intentionally left the following out of my report to Marymine on her return from Kansas. Too much news can be overwhelming, so I had just covered the high spots.

As I hadn't heard anything for a few days, I assumed all was well. (I know, I know..."never assume" but knowing and doing often require forethought... humming!)
When "Sweet Ruby" is mentioned this is what most would see:

The truth hit the fan today... 

with the following note from Marymine:

 "Went outside to find my pool Filled with Brown water!!! Uummm think I found the culprit!! Miss "pig pen" Ruby!! Ughh!!"
"You should seriously see the pool!!!  There is a layer of mud on the steps from her "Lounging" in the pool! The pool man is going to kill me!!"

Enclosed was a picture of "Sweet Ruby" in "her" idea of a heavenly state of being ... 

Update:  Today I got this photo...

Marymine put a chair in front of the steps thinking to keep "Sweet Ruby" out.  109 with cloud cover today, can't say as I blame Ruby.


  1. Ahh Ruby, bet that felt good all nice and cool.

  2. Glad I don't have the cleaning up to do!

  3. CELIA: Wish I had a pic of her laying on the top step in the pool/her head resting on the rim... she really is sweet, just messy!

    GM: No worries, the pool sweep will get it. At least it did all last week.

  4. Ruby and Dinah are kindred spirits.

  5. Now that is funny. Not our idea of glamorous but I'll bet she loved every grimy moment.

  6. Doesn't a layer of mud keep the ticks off? It's self preservation.

  7. AP: She loves the pool, and rolling in the dirt.

    GA: Sure helps, also flies and mosquitoes.

  8. I can't believe that you'd let Ruby roam without a small oak flask fitted to her collar. If that had been the case, she may have been welcomed poolside.

  9. LL: That's a damn good idea, I don't appear to have the level of power required to implement, yet.