Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mom is blessed

Gus and I had a whirlwind trip and we loved it.  It's about 9 hours driving, which would have been somewhat shorter without all the gas, water, walk Gus stops.  But not nearly as interesting.
We stopped at Del Rio Winery on the way North to stock up on the fruit of the vine.  Blessed be. 
It had been a while since I had driven thru Portland, timing was great, we were going in when the rest of the world was coming out. Another blessing. 
Met up with my son in Vancouver and then went house hunting.  He found one not far from his work that evening. Another blessing.
Spent as much time as possible with my two youngest grand girls over the weekend.  What smart little whippersnappers they are.  Sean is a great dad, and they are well loved. A great blessing.
Spent Monday at Ikea in Portland, picking out furniture for the house.  He gave me a set amount and I got most all he needed way under budget.  Another blessing. 
We spent the evening moving stuff, and building the furniture. Not so much of a blessing, but we all got thru it, thanks be no one forgot the blessed wine.
I love the green of Washington state, and the beautiful weather.  Hey, it was 83 three of the four days I was there! Another blessing.
Gus and I hit the road for home on Tuesday.  This time we were going out as everyone else was going in. Another blessing.
We made the usual stops, plus a quick stop at my parents to check on them, another hour and we were home to our little bunkhouse.  Another blessing.
Next time, soon hopefully, I will take my books on tape, Gus is a good traveler but he isn't much of a talker...


  1. Oh my, what a trip. Thank goodness for the blessed wine.

  2. Welcome home! That sounds like a fantastic trip with plenty of memories to keep you going all winter!

  3. Goodness-- what a blessed trip.
    Try singing next time. In my case, I've found that gets the quietest people talking to shut me up.

  4. Books on tape are a great idea. We just got back from near there...only on the other side of the Rockies. WEather was also warm...even in the 70's in the valleys between the mountains. It got warmer the day we left! Why did your son furnish his house all at once?

  5. Marica: The time with family was great, so too the wine.
    Grannymar: I love racking up the good memories, don't you!
    A Patti: Gus is my scotty pup, so if I sing he just cocks his head & has a pained look.
    Tabor: What state were you in? My son is going thru a divorce, which hurts all of us. Sometimes things just can't be fixed.

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend. I would have enjoyed to driving, too -- that is some pretty country you got to go through. Amoeba and I just went from here to Spokane and I especially enjoyed the Columbia River part of the trip.

  7. Looks like a great family meet-up and a great road trip. I wonder how many new homes have been furnished by IKEA? And christened with a few bottles of good wine?

  8. With so much blessings, no wonder you had a grand trip. Congratulations. Do you think that you could use another Gus, who will offer you the advantage of some conversation as well?

  9. Quilly: I've been over to Spokane & Couer d Aliene a bunch of times, loved that drive as well.

  10. Sounds like a great trip, if you ever go by Walla Walla give me a jingle or note or something. Sorry about the divorce, being in mid-divorce myself, I really don't wish it on anyone but sometimes there's no help for it.

  11. Nick, Not sure how many have IKEA furniture, but a lot have been blessed with wine...
    Rummuser, I can always use another co-pilot, most especially one that can converse.
    Celia, It was a great trip, & I'm seriously considering an extended stay up there. So you may hear from me soon than later. Sorry to hear you are mid-divorce like I am. It was not an easily made choice, but the incredible "lightness" of being free is wonderous.

  12. Actually I was on the OTHER side of those huge mountains. Vancouver is another day.

  13. What a blessing they have YOU!

    Gus is a lucky little guy himself.

    Does he need a friend?

    I have a yellow lab that is driving me crazy...well, I should say driving my husband crazy.

  14. Cheri: We are blessed in so many ways. I may have family in RB that would take the lab, also have a friend in Nevada that rehomes labs. contact me at
    So good to hear from you!

  15. Sounds like you had a nice trip and Gus was a real help riding shot gun and all(-:
    Glad you got home safely(-:
    Jack sends his love(-:

  16. Cindee: Thanks, Gus says hi to Jack. Was thinking of you the other day as Marymine has The snowman on her bulletin board in the office. Hope all is well.