Friday, April 27, 2012

Traveling Cowcamp

I'm up in the Pacific North West...! I was so excited to be seeing Sean & the girls again that I left at 4 dark thirty in the morning.  A few thunderstorms on the road up, but nothing that would slow down a granny on a mission.
Traveling alone doesn't bother me, but boy do the good ol boys at a diner look at you oddly when your eating breakfast by yourself at dark thirty. think it's the amazon, white haired, wild blue eyed, granny thing...

We went out to dinner last night, good company, good food...what more could one want. To do it again, of course.

One of the grands is pitching several softball games tomorrow.  Have my ever present folding chair, and sippy cup ready. Go team.

Now off to find a few bargains, a ton of books, and a domo...


  1. Have a wonderful time....I have a folding chair in my trunk always!!!

  2. Sounds great, got a folding chair in my van too. Wishing you many bargains and many books.

  3. What a great day and to hell with the staring ones and what they think!

  4. You enjoy and happy hunting today.

  5. I love those dark thirty travel times also.
    Have fun and hope your grand pitches a no hitter.

  6. Aww, sounds blissful! Enjoy, keep out of trouble, and be sure to remember to come home again eventually.. with LOTS of stories and photo's, please.

  7. Sounds like the perfect place to visit. Of course I am prejudice to the Northwest!

  8. Love rising and unshining at dark thirties.
    And to hell with the gawkers, gimme my coffee....:)