Monday, December 3, 2012

Been a while...

Well Yes, it has been a while since I posted anything... what can a granny with permanent BB (bleacher butt) from watching grands, have to say, that will be of import to others? Probably nothing...but that hasn't seemed to stop me so far...  So I'll just tell it like it is for me... 
Sky (the mini aussie) has gone to live with a young military family in Washington was good karma, and he is were he was Meant to be...
I spent a while looking for another "Gus"Scottie...they are few and far between around here and way too pricey for a granny living on a fixed income and the grace of family.  Then, I saw a picture of a little Jack RussellxDoxie that was up for adoption by the local pound.  Willie has since come home to live with me.  He is a sweet little guy and everyone in the family loves him, travels well, and is the first guy I've slept with since...well never mind that...

Ol Bessie, my ancient suv, was taken to the local mechanics for her smog test.  She passed, but...needed $1,000 worth of repairs...some urgently...!   Knowing she isn't even worth that much money resale... I contacted a good friend from home, whose sig other is a one man auto repair operation and asked if he would look at her. After he went over her with a fine sense of detail...he came in and said..."she's fine for her age, you've taken good care of her, and keep on doing what you've been doing...  Those guys were just trying to sell you a lot of stuff she doesn't need..."   This really makes me mad, as the local guys know me, and know I have little extra to spend, yet they try to pull this crap...   

The Navy Corpsman and the College Student were home for Thanksgiving.  Makes a granny happy to see them expanding their wings and going forth...  A twinge, with the Navy man extending his stay in the Navy to save more money for this means he will most likely be redeployed to the 'stan.  The rest of the crew are fine and dandy! Where is the time going...we don't have any babies left...sigh...

This fall Marymine and I went to a craft fair and had a great time. She got some awesome metal letters and I got a necklace with a small bird charm & the words Old Soul punched on a flattened spoon.  Marymine says it fits me... wasn't that sweet?  Then, as I was telling a shopkeeper some tall tale... she stopped me with a laugh and said... "You have the sparkly..est eyes!"  I think I heard Marymine in the background...say something along the lines of "OMG...don't be telling her that...she's trouble as it is..."  but I could be mistaken...


  1. Thank you for the catch up. Made me smile. Keep well Old Soul.

  2. Once a month is regular!!

    Enjoy the new man in your life, may he keep your toes warm.

    In Northern Ireland our annual MOT for cars is Government run and they say if the car passes or not, they have nothing to do with any repairs needed, only charge you for a retest.
    Marymine sounds like my Elly, not shy when it comes to passing remarks about her mother... it is a good job that I have selective hearing!

  3. Good to hear from you! Glad to hear you have sparkly eyes and are still trouble, ha, ha!

  4. NELLY: A smiling Old Soul is not necessarily a good thing...thanks for stopping by.
    TABOR: took me a bit to get it...but then sparkly is not the same as smart...
    GM: I'm missing the regular parts... and it's good to know I'm not the only one with a cheeky daughter.
    CELIA: Sometimes I have to work at it...but mostly it comes naturally...

  5. Wonderful photo of your expansive view.

    I'm glad to see you have a new dog in your life.
    What a lucky day for Willie.
    Free Willie and you did.

  6. Holding back details about the men in your life? Who are you protecting?
    I do hope you are looking for a new mechanic! Those gear heads do seem to have us at their mercy. Good job getting a second opinion.

  7. CHERI: Marymine named him for me... and it fits just fine.
    GRAYQUILL: LOL... I'm not taking her back to the local ripoffs.