Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm supposed to be...

I'm supposed to be weed eating the back 40, too wet.  I'm supposed to be painting the inside of the kitchen cupboards, too damp.  I'm supposed to be changing the oil in the ol SUV, too nasty.  I'm supposed to be putting up the drapery rods, too boring.  I'm supposed to be studying, too busy.  I'm supposed to be finding an electrician, too costly.  I'm supposed to be mowing the lawn, too rainy.  I'm supposed to be doing taxes, too confusing.  I'm supposed to be looking for work, too old.  I'm supposed to be gathering eggs,  too many.  I'm supposed to be cleaning out the garage, too tired.  I'm supposed to be planting in the garden, too cold.  I'm supposed to be planning dinner, too unorganized. I'm supposed to be sewing, too uninspired. I'm supposed to be ironing, too hot.  I'm supposed to be a lot of things.  I want to be hugging and loving my kids and grandkids, that I DO.   


  1. Wow you are good with excuses. I may copy a few though good old "rainy day" is keeping me at my wants. :)
    Like you, I say the heck with "supposed to do", just concentrate on "want to do". You will have a great day and your grandkids will love you for it. Make memories. You go girl.

  2. You have your priorities right! Keep hugging those kids and grandkids!

  3. A Patti...LOL yes I'm getting better at excuses as I get older.

    Tabor...Glad to hear it.

    Grannymar...Thanks, I plan to keep on hugging them.

  4. I love it. I must remember all those excuses when I'm supposed to be diligently applying myself to domestic chores. But yes, hugging and loving is definitely the top priority, everything else takes second place.

  5. Just emigrate to India. Living is cheap and you can outsource everything leaving you enough time to be permanently hugging your grand children.

  6. my priorities are in order.

    RaRa...My family is Here, and there is so much I want to see Here. I could outsource things, given enough resources, but it's not my way.

  7. I love it!

    (and now I don't feel so bad about saying the same things to myself...)