Friday, December 9, 2011

Time and again

What a year...
fraught with sadness over the passing of Himself, worry at the deployment of my Navy medic grandson to Afghanistan, and concern for the youngest granddaughter, during her recent surgeries to help with her mobility.
And Gus has been black listed by the groomer for unbecoming behavior. What? he's a Scottie, he has attitude bred into him...
There have been many good times as well: The grand kids sports games, I try to go often, and not cheer overly loud...sometimes I succeed. I've been up to see my mom & dad more often this year. Dad at 88, is still taking their money on the golf course...
Visits with my dear brother, here at the bunkhouse and on the Oregon coast. Gus and I driving up to Vancouver as often as possible to spend time with Sean and his girls. Always a good thing.  Marymine and the kids just across the way from the bunkhouse, to hug on & enjoy.
There is a long To Do, To Learn if you see a Scottie driving an ol SUV with a white haired, wild eyed granny, best get outta the way...


  1. I'll get out of the way...after a photo, of course.

  2. I'd take to my heels and head for the hills! I would never be able for all that attitude. LOL.

  3. I'll keep an eye out for you and Gus. May your grandgirl heal well. A couple of years ago one of mine had surgery on her feet and ankles for a similar thing and it was successful. For her at age 8, the big thrill was to get out of her braces and wear "regular" shoes to school. They are such troopers those children.

  4. I love this post. I'll be back. Thanks so much for the visit and comment.

  5. Aw, good ol' Gus, showing 'em who's still boss over at that grooming centre (grin). Sounds you've had more than enough to deal and cope with over this past year, I'm not surprised you're glad to be soon turning the page on it.. in truth, so am I!

    Glad I'm not likely to be in the path of that vehicle of yours.. (grin)

  6. Being 1/4 Scot I'm with Team Gus!

    Hang in there! Where on the Oregon Coast (if you can say)? We had a rental cottage at Cannon Beach when I was a kid for the summers.

    beep beep!

  7. I'm not sure what part of No. CA you are in, my female cousin (who is like a sister to me) has a dog grooming business up in Quincy, CA to supplement her other job. She could handle Gus.