Sunday, June 24, 2012

One by one

June is One amazing month....

      One came home on leave...

One graduated from high school with honors,

One and two more showed at the fair,

One is my new pup "Sky",

                    One pitched up a storm,

One is a jr lifeguard and on swim team,

One is busy running harvester in the wheat,

One flew to Kansas with her girls for a volleyball camp,

One (on the left) is celebrating his 42nd birthday,

One (me) has been in Reno for the BFI.


  1. Your new pup is amazing. What breed (or breeds) is he? Herding dog?

  2. Nelly, He's a Mini Aussie (Australian Shepherd). He's smart as a whip, and as one of the grandgirls says "Sky is like a bundle of sunshine".

  3. Now that is one awesome June. Hard to top that.
    Didn't know there were Mini Aussies. I think the full sized are so pretty, especially the merles.Enjoy that handsome pup.

  4. There's many, many blessings in this post. Enjoy every moment.

  5. I'd need to research it but I heard somewhere that Australian collies where bred from the Glenwherry collie. And guess where they came from? Only a ween of miles from where I sit!

  6. Would you believe it... I am only a ween of miles from Glenwherry in the other direction. Before you ask - Yes! I have met Nelly!

    I am delighted that you had such a wonderful month - for our part we had the wettest June on record. :(

    Enjoy the adventures with Sky.

  7. GM: How exciting to hear that you & Nelly have met.
    We have had a cooler than normal June, global warming don't you know...
    I am enjoying person here for sure!

  8. That's a lot of ones. Sounds like a pretty nice group!