Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The North wind is howling, has been for days on end, sucking the moisture out of every little thing, and generally causing the nicest of little ol ladies to be damn cranky!  Ok, so I'm not especially nice or little, just a wild blue eyed granny.
I want to go to a country dance and dance the night away...  Not in some country club, fancy ballroom, or nightclub.  I need it to be in an old barn or a long abandoned schoolhouse, with benches for the old grans to sit on and hold the sleepy heads of their gran babies, with tables of food made from family secret recipes. With sweet tea, hard stuff, and pawpaw's punch to drink.  Stars, candles, and lanterns for light.  Dancing to a local band that can play most anything boot stomping fast or hold me tight slow.   Simple things to share... the laughter...the life...the love...



  1. What a beautiful quote and the hope of a barn dance. I remember dances like that in a tiny town held in the VFW hall. Children sleeping in the coats piled in a corner.

  2. Although I grew up in the country I have never been to a traditional barn dance. Do they still do those? They sound so casual and un-intimidating.


  3. “The greatest ideas are the simplest.” ― William Golding, Lord of the Flies.

    I want to go to that dance with you.

  4. CELIA: The still do have them up home & in some of the back of beyonds. No one is a stranger, and the whole family goes.
    TABOR: Yes they do and they are great.
    GM: Get over here and we'll go together. Trouble for sure...lol

  5. Swing your partner, dosey doe:)

  6. Beautiful! There is a dairy farm near me, that has on it's property, an emptyold barn, carefully restored, but only enough to keep it from falling down, not enough to ruin it.

    We stopped there to buy their milk and yoghurt (they have a little store and restaurant in one of the buildings) and there was a wedding reception being set up in that barn, tables, strung lights on the beams and a beautiful young bride in white with cowboy boots on under her dress. Sort of made me sigh.