Saturday, February 7, 2009


Manners are a big deal to me. When my children were young they learned manners and respect, sometimes it was an easy lesson,other times not. They have taught the same to their children. Often today respect is not around much. Example: I recently went to a grand's school awards assembly. not near enough seating (poor planning on the admins part & could have been easily solved). There were a fair number of men and boys setting and not one offered his seat up. Now I may not look like the granny of seven, or need to be setting, but there were others that did. Come on grannies, speak up. I did to the gang tat Hispanic guy playing with his cell phone who was seated right beside where i stood.


  1. Although I am not actually a grandmother(yet), I am of that age group and health issues mean I am not supposed to stand for more than a couple of minutes at a stretch.

    I seem to have become invisible on the street and in supermarket aisles where other peoples trolleys love my ankles!

    Many of my social outings nowadays are to BarCamps, PodCamps and other 'geeky' events. The one thing I have noticed, is the respect & courtesy that I receive on such occasions. Far from being nerds, Technology folk have not forgotten how to behave.

  2. I love being granny to seven respectfulls, and wish you the same good fortune.
    Could you explain what a BarCamp is? Curiosity is getting to me. I have so much to learn, (oh damn, those two crazy hens (Blanche & Hilda) have flown the coop, again, must go rescue my veggie garden) will await your answer upon my return.

  3. I have noticed that over the years, Manners is something that is not taught to the younger generation anymore. Sometimes I think that it just does not exist! My Mother taught me very well on the subject of Manners. I still use them to this day.

    I would have no problem giving my seat to a Lady. That's what is proper.

  4. Where manners would do the most good - crowds - they seem to be rare. Folks are even startled by them they've become so unexpected. They go about their lives plugged into an Ipod while texting completely oblivious to their surroundings. I've noticed the absence of smiles too. When did a grin make it on the endangered list?

    Something as simple as a wave to thank someone letting you into traffic is far less common when near the city.

    Luckily, I've found that rural areas seem to be less infected. We wave to everyone, don't seem to need a soundtrack artificially piped into our heads - nature provides it, no downloading required - and chances are that you'll make a friend of most everyone you meet.

  5. Corker2 I have hope, for my grands are updated often that manners and respect are a given in this outfit.

    Mo Hi, I Love Wolf Lodge,CdA, best steak in the N West. Children's hospital in Spokane is a winner as well, have a grand with CP.
    We are lucky to be in a rural area, everyone waves, looks out for others,etc. I don't go to the city nearly as much anymore, the heart has gone out of it for me: traffic is terrible, people are rude etc.