Monday, April 18, 2011

aaah Spring

All is in Spring hyper drive around the farmstead. Sunday before last, Marymine sent me across the valley to get "some color" for her yard. I hate shopping, really, except for plants. Came home with the ol SUV loaded to the roof with Lots of Color.  The youngest granddaughter and I planted 25 pots and three borders full to the brim... aaah Spring!
The son-in-law has his many & varied crops in, and just finished baling the first cutting of alfalfa. Grand kids are busy with ballgames, 4-H, FFA, and projects.
Marymine and her oldest girl were off to another state for a game last weekend. Which left the youngest girl & boy in my care, watch out world. Ran the boy to the dentist (30 miles away) Thursday morning.  Then away to the feed mill, to swap out a whole pallet of feed...which the girls had picked up the day before. The loader had put Alpaca feed on, instead of the show steer mix. I have a feeling that the young man driving the forklift might have been paying more attention to my granddaughter than which pallet he was loading.
Thursday night Lizzy had a ballgame and Friday night they all had a dinner to go to.  Saturday was full of 4-H for Lizzy, and grandson plowing.


Sunday, Lizzy and I took great grandpa to the Big rodeo.  We got to see a lot of family & friends, gossip, swap tales, oh and watch the rodeo.
Now why does it all come at once?  This granny needs a bit of a break once in a while so she can catch her breath and enjoy... aaah Spring



  1. Wow! It is all go with you right now. I hope it eases up real soon to allow you enjoy Springtime.

  2. Spring is a hugely busy time of the year. There are things that I want to do on weekends but there always seems to be some conflict.

  3. Busy, busy. Isn't life like that? Interesting to see the young men going gaga over our girls. I guess that's spring too. It's been awhile since I've been to a rodeo, fun time.

  4. GM: I'm sure it will calm down after the fall harvest...
    Tabor: I love being of an age where I can pick the ones I want to do...
    Celia: It's even more fun to watch the brothers & dad give the young men the quizz and snake eye..

  5. Aaah spring! Everything blooming and blossoming and coming into leaf all at once. Breathtaking.

    Jeez, thirty miles to the dentist, what a spoilt little urbanite I am....

  6. Nick, it is glorious this time of year!
    You need some living in the back of was 150 miles round tirp on Sunday.

  7. I can't believe how different your life is from mine. I love reading about it.

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  9. Marci: Not so different...we both wear pink cotton spankies...just mine are under Wranglers.

  10. Oh Brighid, you are so right, my brother-in-law and my youngest son both have blooming 13 year olds, they are all snake eyes and dark mutterings.