Friday, January 4, 2013


Marymine is busy doing the moving thing... with which I have been almost no help.  I have moved enough (29 times) for a while. 
The other day I was over at her old place pestering her and asked where the college student was... "Oh she's gone snow skiing...Yuck!!!"  "Good for her...she'll have fun", says I.  Which produces the snake eye and a comment to the effect of "I hate being cold"...   Well no surprise there, I remember all the pics of her...on the hot beaches at Cubi...among other places.  Since we were on the subject of being cold, she produced her new winter coat and asked me if I liked it...  ummm...  "what is that collar pelt made from...road kill rabbit?"  "Funny mom, I remember when you used to wear "the" fur coat to stay warm and to go skiing...and then would pick us up from school with it still on.  We were so embarrassed...!"  
That is not the way I remember it at all...
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  1. I always wished we could buy those glasses that others see us through.

  2. TABOR: I can't go there without getting in more trouble...

  3. LOL, that is hilarious, and probably the 'best' use of a fur coat I've heard... And I HAVE seen fur coats on the golf course too... :-)

  4. NFO: Be careful out there... We sure golf on different planes, I just use a muck bucket at 200yds & Big Bertha...

  5. I remember that earlier post and I laughed at it all over again. I turned down a mink coat years ago and never regretted it, I never had the lifestyle to suit one.

    Count me in when you find those glasses!

  6. GM: Happy is a good lifestyle. I'll let Tabor know your in for the glasses. None for me, I want to keep the illusion.

  7. Thank you for your visit and kind words
    Scotties are a delightful breed are they not