Thursday, October 15, 2015

Stink Bait & Gun Powder...

Dad has been calling in all his markers to get back on the river fish'n. 

 He talked Flash (pilotman) into pre-flighting Ol Ugly, so bright'n early Monday morning we put'er in the river.  I had rigged my new Pink pole just the way my SIL (fishing goddess of the Columbia River) told me. 

 Dad wore his hat backwards for luck, Flash took the helm and away we went. It was cold on the water at o'dark thirty, but beautiful.  We only saw one salmon jump and didn't even get a bump on the stink bait coated flatfish. A trolling motor on Ol Ugly, and having Father Sherman bless the poles might be the answer. We saw lots of turkeys, hawks, and deer. None of which I managed to get a picture of...sigh.

headed up river

Iron Canyon
 Dad has been having vocal cord problems so his ENT had him scheduled for an Echo and a stress test (pre-biopsy) this morning. They were cancelled due to equipment problems at the doc's, and rescheduled for later in the week. I'm worried about the ol guy, though the ENT surgeon says that if it is the big C there is a 97% cure rate. 
With the cancel on Dad's tests, and a call to arms from the gals, I headed to the range for a few hours of therapy...

 The pistola gals gett'n ready to put some down range.

With the new front sight on the Walther (thanks to Flash) I managed to put a couple hundred rounds were they were supposed to go.  Still having low left problems with the little Sig. Still a good morning.

I have no idea who would shoot the balls off that cowpoke, range master sir.


  1. You are looking well in that last photo! Hoping the tests bring in good results with nothing to worry about.

  2. Low-left is more than likely how you are holding the pistol and anticipating the recoil than it is a sighting problem...Just diagnosing from a long way away. Remember to keep a very light grip on the handgun and stroke the trigger.

    Sorry about Dad's health, but with you keeping a careful watch, I'm sure that he'll be fine.

  3. Haven't I seen this somewhere ... LOL. Isn't that target supposed to have a few holes in it?

  4. Best wishes for your dad. It seems like you had a successful dayfishing in my book. Who cares if you didn't catch anything? They sell fish at the store.

  5. +1 on LL... Surprise breaks on the trigger will bring them back on the bull.

  6. +1 pigpen. That's a gorgeous river you have, and good company!
    Love the last pic of you!!

  7. You always make me envious of your life!

  8. GRANNYMAR: Thank you... One more test before the biopsy.

    LL: Thank You for the input it is much appreciated. One test down for Dad, one more to go before the biopsy.

    WOODSTERMAN: LOL... why yes you have! They were putting out new targets.

    PIGPEN51: Thank You! It was a good day!

    OLDNFO: Thanks, and congrats on the house!

    JENNY: Thanks, it is a wonderful place and we had fun.
    Low lighting helps!!!

    GRANNYANNE: You are my inspiration.

  9. Nice looking range! Good luck with the fish.

  10. LSP: It is a nice range. Dad and I are working on the fishing.

  11. Can you tuck your little finger (trigger hand) up under the little Sig's handle-base to correct the elevation issues? The support hand can come around and push up to fill in the gap, and distract you from recoil flinch. Anticipating can go both ways.
    Good luck with the biopsy - all you need is a Yeti 110 iced down with some silver bullets. And a Bank to push it. Or Warren Buffet or something. (I'm all truck, no boat)

  12. It all sounds like a glorious day. Now that the new job is underway, the crash pad rid of and Dad checked on, I think I'll actually have a couple of weekends to do something fun!

  13. NOTCLAUSWITZ: Thanks for the input, I will give it a try! LOL, we don't qualify for a Yeti, and aren't likely too at the rate we're going! Dad has the boat, no pickup...

    BRIGID: So glad to hear you will be getting more weekend time.