Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Journal: day 3

We loaded up in Granddaughter Ali's pickup around noon Tuesday. After a quick stop at Marymine's house

to pickup her and Cody we headed out up Hwy 70 for Quincy to watch Lauren play volleyball.

 Just the four of us, as the others decided they didn't like snow. And it was snow'n and blow'n not long after Lake Oroville.

creeks were running

cold and snowing

a train chugging up the canyon

there are three deer at the waters edge
ten minutes out from the game that turned into 30
Lauren's team won!

night life in Quincy

After the game we chained up, and went to the grocery store to load up on rations for the trip back down the mountain. 
Love my people! How many other people will come up to you, shake your hand or give you a hug and Thank You for making the trip to watch and support the kids.
Once we got on the road again it really started to snow and blow.  Made it most of the way down the canyon with few problems.  Only to come around a curve and find a boulder the size of a Volkswagen in our lane.  Thankfully, no one coming the other direction, so Ali was able to go around.  We wanted to call it in, but no cell service in most of the canyon.  A little farther down we saw a loader going up to take care of it.  
Long day, Kudos to Granddaughter Ali for getting us safely up there and back! All home and in bed by 12:30 AM.


  1. Doing things with kin makes memories. Weather is soon forgotten.

  2. Congratulations to Lauren and her team!
    Glad the trip was uneventful.
    We used to catch some nice rainbow trout in Lake Oroville.
    You all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. What an exciting start to the holiday... glad you are safe. Happy Thanksgiving

  4. You had a long day. Relax tomorrow and eat until you bust.

    Happy Thanksgiving All!

  5. Snow here is down to 2,000 agl.
    Glad y'all safe. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Beautiful scenery and a win for Lauren. A great day!

  7. Pretty country and glad you made it okay.

  8. Congrats to your granddaughter and team! Crazy weather here. So glad you made it home safely! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  9. Now that was what I call family support. Good God, I am impressed with your heading out in the seriously cold and inclement weather. Glad the team won!

  10. Your photo titled ."near Shasta Caverns" is of Castle Craigs (sp?) State Park
    It used to be an easy day climb with lunch on top of the dome when I was young.
    The dome which is on the right of the photo is not a technical climb, if you know where to cut back to,the west through a crevasse on the dome. The chute just prior to the crevasse is a little scary for some and there was death from a fall there years ago, so roping up Is advisable for the faint of heart.
    Weather can change there rapidly. Back in the 70s (IIRC) two young men died when a snow storm caught them unprepared on a warm sunny day in May.

    Some day, when you have time, and are passing through Lakehad, stop at the old market on the west side of I5 and check,out the various and sundry bullet holes in in the east side the faded blue metal siding of the abondoned market. There is a cyclone fence, but the gate was open, last time I was there.
    Maybe some old timer can remember how the bullet holes got there and why they are still,there.
    It is a heck of a tale.
    Teaser: a Thompson submachine gun was involved.

    1. I think you meant this comment to go with Journal: day 5 & 6. Either way, I enjoyed your comment. Thanks again for the local history. Next time I get down there I'm look'n for bullet holes...

  11. Thank you all for your comments.