Thursday, October 23, 2008

The problem with Angels

You will not believe it... well you might. I pulled the Arc Angel out of the closet, the noise was getting a bit deafening. Then carefully lifted it out of the Made in China box. There he stands in all his chipped & scratched plastic splendor. Actually it may be a girl angel, (with bird in hand), but the long haired Arc dude is more suited to my fancy. Flipped him on his head to read the Made in China sign, and what do I find: The Price Tag from G's department store. Dear mother always leaves the price tag on things, encase we are not appreciative enough.!
I have gotten items from a garage sale of hers, that didn't sell, passed on to me (with Much ado, mind). Always, with price tag still attached. (50 cents, no sale! gift it to Brighid) I seem to be the only one in the family that is afforded this dubious honor. Oh not true, Marymine is also, or at least she was before mother got miffed at her for not going up to see her.
The Angel is out of the Box.

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