Monday, August 3, 2009

"Your Not Stella"

Living with Himself these many years has been an adventure.
You see Himself is a type A diabetic. He's lived with it since he was 10, against the odds. Often he has a low blood sugar reaction, and that usually at night.
One night, kids tucked in, ranch chores done, he went off to bed, and proceeded to have a bad reaction. 
Now we lived outside a small rural town, everyone pretty much knew everyone else. So, when I called 911, three of the four volunteer firemen that came, worked with me at the school district. The two EMT's that came knew Himself from past encounters. The two county mounties that showed up were having a slow night and knew us, when they heard the call on the radio. 
Now you've got eight guys, our kids, myself and Himself all in our bedroom. I'm in the middle of the bed trying to get glucose gel down Himself, while our audience is considering the best course of action. 
 When suddenly Himself opens his eyes, gives me a startled look and loudly says "Where's Stella?", "right here babe" cause I'd agree to most anything to keep him alive, where upon Himself glares a me and says, "Your Not Stella". 
 I look around in the total silence that follows his proclamation, to find ten faces staring back at me. Because you see they all know I'm Not Stella, too.


  1. LOL! Do you know a Stella? Or did you find out who she was?

    I love it.

  2. My question too - so who is or was Stella? And why did he suddenly think of her?

  3. This is the kind of stuff that one needs in a moment like this! By the way, I hope Stella found her own path.

  4. Well I am glad he was o.k.(-:
    That would be scary to deal with.
    And who is Stella?

  5. What a moment! We say the strangest thing in extreme stress or coming out of anaesthesia or when ill... did he ever explain what he meant, or did he remember the remark afterward?

    Who the heck was Stella? (I hope she was a sister or an ugly nurse he once had...!!)

  6. What a suspense! When do we get to see the sequel?

  7. Since you loyal Few wanted to know:
    He remembered none of this the next morning. When I asked who Stella was, he thought I was kidding. After the kids and the Guys confirmed it he still maintained that he didn't know of anyone by that name. To this day, on occassion one or the other of those present will ask him, "How's Stella?" and bust out laughing. Which is as it should be...

  8. Wha? You mean you don't know a single person called Stella? Maybe he's a fan of Madame McCartney and in his moment of 'down time' he was debating a few wardrobe issues he was having.


  9. I am going to say then it was an OBE (out of body experience)and he was in another place due to his trauma at the time. Could have been a past life thing. Thats what I always say when something can not be explained.

  10. I love it! Years ago, when my husband and I were first married, he got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He suddenly cried, "Yes!" When he came out I asked him what it was all about and he answered, "Forget it. It wouldn't work anyway." I asked again the next morning and of course he didn't remember it at all.

  11. This is hilarious. Why don't you have a subscribe button on your blog?