Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mudd Pie sigh...

It is too hot, 100+ today. In another time, on another day, when I was expecting the second baby and living on the home ranch, it was a very hot day.
 After packing a lunch for the Cowman and I, we headed to one of the ranch's large reservoirs. Bumping along in the old ranch pickup, over hill and draw, did nothing to make me feel better. Getting to the water seemed to take longer than usual. My feet where swollen, my back ached, and my mood was just plain cranky.
The Cowman decided to right the little boat and paddle out to the middle of the spring fed reservoir. After dispatching a little rattler that had thought to shade up under the boat, he pushed off and away he went. More to escape my crankiness than anything, I think.
As I was spreading the old blanket and sorting out the lunch, I noticed that a dozen or so cows had come down to drink. They took no notice of me, as I must have looked just like another member of the cow herd with that huge belly. They proceeded to wade out into the water and slowly drink. Then they seemed to just stand there and sigh. As I listened to their soft sighs, they seemed so at peace with their world. Getting up, removing my boots, and walking down to where they were was an effort. That first step into the cool water was heaven, the next couple steps brought me even with the rest of the girls.
Cool water and mudd on my swollen feet, heaven. I stood there and sighed...


  1. Reminds me of Flanders and Swann's Hippopotamus Song: "Mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood". I guess the crankiness must have melted away rapidly in that wonderfully soothing scene....

  2. What a delightful image. Just you and the girls. If that had only been captured on film, it would be priceless. You description is. Aaahh.

  3. (-: great memories(-:
    The girls know how to cool off thats for sure(-:
    It was 103 here yesterday. When is it going to rain? Its as dry as a desert here.)-:

  4. What a post! Wonderful.

  5. Nature showing us how to behave! I bet you were relaxed and calm after that picnic lunch!

  6. Nick: Since I was a bit of a hippo at the time the Hippo Song is very fitting.
    Patti: The girls & I did have a good time wading in the mudd.
    Cindee: It has been way too hot in N Cali. Fire danger as you know is very high. Come on fall.
    Rummuser: Thank you kind Sir.
    Grannymar: So good hear that you are healing nicely. Mother nature is always giving us clues, if only we would listen.

  7. Lovely symmetry in this piece!
    And I know that sound of a cow murmuring.

    The casual mention of the rattler worked well too.

    As one commented above, if only there had been a photo taken...

  8. What a beautiful moment to capture in words!

    ... but now I'm wondering (and really trying NOT to wonder...) where you got your post title?!

  9. How wonderful you write. You make that memory come so alive.

    Renee xoxo

  10. Ah, I was feeling a little remiss after your comment on my blog and I come here to find you have lots of readers...intelligent ones as well.

    I remember wetting my feet in the irrigation pond up the road as a young girl...probably full of cow manure and pesticides...but in those days no one thought of that.

  11. Liked this post, I could see me wading into the water. As for the Rattler, I'd be off like a shot the other direction long before the Rattler could rattle. I am not a fan of these critters.

    I must stop by more often. Hope you were able to find the Tiny P People post I made a spell back. Hope it doesn't change Hope's idea about her Beemer.

    You have a grand day.