Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mall on the Mountain

I've returned home from a quick trip to my brother's in Ideeho. It had been a long time since I had gotten to see my nephews, their wives, and little ones, so off I flew.
Flying is one of my favorite things, preferably via Heli, but a fixed wing will do in a pinch. Airports, lines, strange seatmates, not so much.
After getting to spend an afternoon and dinner with the kids, we drove up the mountains to my brother's home. Getting in after dark is always kind of disorienting, and this time was no different.
I was given the run of the house & town the next day, as both brother & wife had to go down the mountain to their jobs. I took a few pictures, walked all around town, and chatted up the locals that I happened onto. When my brother got home he asked what the plan was for the next day. "Haven't made any," I said. He said he was going to the Mall on the Mountain, and I could go along if I wanted. Well I'm not big on shopping or malls but I said I would go just to spend the time in his company. He said he usually finds a little something to his liking when he goes, so the plan was made.
Early the next morning after a huge breakfast, my sister-in-law is one of those fantastic cooks, we jumped in the ol suburban and headed off. He drove up the mountain, past the high school, past the large forest service complex, and onto a nice road. There were a fair number of others going up the mountain as well. When we got to the Mall on the Mountain parking was an adventure. We finally found a good parking place and started our shopping. After scouting the goods for a bargain, I found a gem of a heavy duty fire pit complete with footrest and spark screen. The price was right, so we loaded it up and away we went.
On the way home we scouted for elk, checked out the progress on the reforestation of a recent burn, and told each other how much we wished we lived closer, and other things.
When we got back to the house, we proudly showed my bargain to my sis-in-law. Who promptly said that she would have the guys at work crate it up and she would ship it to my home. She didn't really seem overly impressed with my shopping skills. My brother said it was a gem and every time he built a fire in it he would be reminded of me. How sweet is that!


  1. Visiting families can be a real eye opener. I also wished I lived closer to mine. This last trip I took was very nice. I had my brother ship that big old trunk I wrote about...;-)

  2. Sounds like a neat item to me. What is more relaxing than watching a fire.
    My brother doesn't live close either but we really treasure the weekly phone calls and annual visits. Who knows you better, warts and all.

  3. Sounds like a great trip and a beautiful place! Congratulations on the bargain (and a sweet brother!)

  4. Tabor, I've enjoyed your trunk adventures and I'm glad your trip was nice as well.
    Patti, We keep in touch via phone fairly frequently, but it's not as good as being able to give & receive hugs. Warts & all, lol.
    Susan, Thanks, it was a fast but good trip. My brother is a keeper.

  5. I wish that my sister would pop up like that once in a way. We are in regular touch by phone, IM and emails, but nothing quite like a nice personal visit.

  6. Dear Readers is no one going to tell me what the Mall on the Mountain is?

  7. My sister and I never had a close relationship, we're such chalk and cheese sometimes I can't believe we're from the same parents. Even more difficult now since she's 350 miles away in England and immobilised by a serious illness. But we do keep in touch by email at irregular intervals. I do wish we'd had the sort of intimate relationship other siblings have, it must be very supportive.

    Glad you had such a good visit to your brother - complete with unexpected bargain!

  8. Hmmm....

    A mall up a mountain, past a forest...
    Is this the local dump?

    Or perhaps a mountain top garage sale?

  9. Erm...I don't get it...

    What can it be? Is Cheri right? Or is it a recycling centre, or some kind of RV park where people leave stuff behind?

    Am confuzzed LOL!

    PS: Your brother sounds lovely. I miss my brothers x

  10. Rummuser, wishing you many happy huggable visits with your sis.

    Nick, It is sad that you and your sis are not closer. Especially since she probably needs the extra atention. Hugs for you.

    Ahh Cheri, You are correct, its the local dump/transfer station on the mountain. My brother said he see's things in the back of a pickup go up the mountain, then about an hour later come down the mountain in someone else's pickup.

    English Mum, Cheri has the answer. Thanks for coming,and yes my brother is a sweetie. Do you get to see your brothers often?

  11. What a great time you had(-: The firepit sounds neat!!! I always wanted one. I bet you will enjoy it a lot(-:

  12. Cindee, I did have a great time. The firepit had one leg missing, but my brother was fixing that, he's handy.