Monday, October 26, 2009

My Compadre

This is my Fergus, just call him "Gus". Actually it doesn't much matter what you call him, he won't come unless he wants too. He is 3.5 months old and a holy terror.


  1. Looks like a loving nightmare waiting to happen!

  2. What breed would he be now? I am not good on that sort of thing.

  3. Would that be a holy SCOTTISH Terror? er, Terrier? LOL

    My son's name is Fergus-- can't call *him* Gus however, he won't allow it.

    Yours is a cutie!

  4. Tabor: I think you have the way of it.
    Grannymar: He is a Scottis Terrier Terror. Hope your doing well.
    Susan: Thanks, he is a holy terror. He can dig up the winter garden as fast as I can plant it. He has a thing for cabbage, is that Scottish?

  5. Grannymar: Scottish Terrier, spelling is a learned art, and it was another class I skated on...

  6. Awww, Scotties are so cute who cares if they mind. Besides he is young yet. Try speaking to him in his native language.
    If he is noisy tell him "Haud yer wheesht!" - Be quiet.
    If he is too rambunctious, try
    "Noo jist haud on!" - Now just slow down.
    Don't forget to roll your R's.
    Enjoy your "bonnie bairn." Love those ears.

  7. What a cute little guy(-:
    Looks like a stuffed toy for Max to play with(-: LOL
    Jack would love playing too(-:
    Terriers are really fun little dogs even though they like to terrorize the household!

  8. What an adorable Scottie! My mother had Scotties all her life, so we know the breed.

    And yes, Gus will do exactly as he pleases.

    Good luck with your puppy. I almost went crazy with my lab, Dinah.

  9. Patti: Thanks for the Scotty speak, I will give it a try. Those ears are a hoot aren't they!
    CiNdEe: No stuffed toy this little monster. Max has mentioned that he would prefer not to be mauled by a little black Thing. Jack would probably eat "Gus's" lunch, so if Jack gets a bag of Bill-Jac treats from Max somethings up.
    Cheri: This is my second Scotty,
    so I have been down this road before. Not that its much help.
    Dinah, what a great name for a lab!

  10. So how is he a holy terror apart from digging up the cabbage patch? We had a couple of Scottish Terriers when I was young, but they weren't nuisances at all, in fact they were a bit neurotic because my father was very impatient with them.

  11. We have one of those dogs in our family....Very stubborn....

  12. Nick: Actually he is a cutie with a lot of Spirit. I've been trying to make sure he is well socialized.
    Beverly: How are things? Gus is a bit stubborn so he fits right in around here, lol

  13. My daughters would love him !

    I'm more a labrador/retriever sort of person but they both love little character dogs

    I hope you have a tartan collar for him, he must have a tartan collar.