Tuesday, March 19, 2013


A childhood friend stopped by during a visit out way... west of the Dakotas, where he lives. It was great to see Paddy again. 
I was always in the thick of it with he and his brothers when we were little kids.  We often camped* together, swam, fished, skied Tahoe, hunted, played pool, and generally ran a muck.  Being the only girl in that bunch was not an issue, they expected me to be able to do whatever was on in the moment, no fear!
After we moved away from the area I had only limited contact with them.  We were all busy living our lives. 
 Paddy went on to become an ER doc, with a family practice as well.  I don't know what started him on that road, I do know he saved my life when we were just kids, and I had done something incredibly stupid a horseback. 
As we were talking about our lives in the intervening years... he called me by the nickname that they used for me.  I hadn't heard it in years... remembered good times.
*see: http://brighidsplace.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-loved-camping-and-still-do.html


  1. Great memories and I enjoyed re-reading the older post.

    I caught up with a school friend last week when I was back in Dublin. We met for coffee at 11am and talked our lives away until 4pm! It felt like an hour.

  2. Enjoyed this and the link. My Dad took us camping in an Army surplus tent and those Army surplus mummy bags. Great times but in the mountains those darned bags were not warm at all. Wore everything we brought with us to bed. Best of memories though.

  3. this post is so cool and I am so envious of your fond memories and great relationship. My childhood friends were not that close OR that interesting, even though we have gotten together a little over the years.

  4. GM: Time does fly when your enjoying yourself... Glad to know you had a good time in Dublin.

    CELIA: We had those ol itchy wool blankets to put in the mummy bags, they kept us toasty, and scratching...

    TABOR: They are good memories, or I've forgotten the harrowing parts...