Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some things never change

Spring is in the air here.  It has been sunny and warm for the last week.
Even after all these years I still expect to move with the cattle to summer pasture in the mountains. The other day I saw a picture of cattle being loaded in trucks... I was instantly there.. could smell the dust, the warm horses, the cattle, the leather, the sunshine, the promise of a summer in the mountains...
While I was dreaming of moving out, there were a pair of house sparrows moving into a small birdhouse in the garden.  The little lady was directing the placement of the furnishing from the perch, while the male brought the furniture in.  He, brought a large piece of grass, it was the whole plant, and he struggled to carry it to a branch by the little lady.  She looked it over, chirped her approval, and watched carefully as he placed it in the nest box. He flew back next to the little lady and shook himself, as if to say Thank God that is done!  Where upon she flew to the nest, scuttled around inside, yanked the newly placed furniture out of the nest, and dropped it at the feet of the befuddled male.  She then took off to do more shopping.  Some things never change...   


  1. I do love watching the social interactions of birds that are twitter-pated. And, although I have never been on a cattle drive, I can taste and smell all of it along with you and understand your nostalgia.

  2. LOL, women are 'never' satisfied... And moving cows, 'such' fun!!!

  3. TABOR: The birds are something to watch aren't they. I do miss the mountains in summer.

    OLD NFO: Never? Maybe it's the .... Moving cattle always fun!