Saturday, May 4, 2013

Jiggady Jigg

Already missing the beautiful cool weather in the PNW.  After 1200 plus miles on the road this week I pulled into the driveway of the bunkhouse at 8PM last night and the temp was in the 90's.  Today it is hot with the North wind really howling...

Things have calmed down a bit, and I'm gearing up for the next go round...

Got to see some of my favorite mountains: Hood, Shasta, Diamond, St Helens, Rainer. and some of my favorite people.


  1. Don't envy the 1200 mile drive but it would be worth seeing all those gorgeous mountains with people you love at the end. Good on you!

  2. CELIA: Actually I don't mind the drive, and I did get to spend time with people and mountains I love.

  3. 1200 miles would cover three trips to Elly and my siblings!

    Travelling from the north coast of county Antrim diagonally to West Cork on the Atlantic coast is a distance of 395 miles, and would take about 7 hours to get there. The roads might not be as good or straight as yours!

  4. GM: That is interesting info. Driving long distances for things is the norm around here.