Saturday, May 25, 2013

Never Forget

Remember always that some gave all...

"It remains very much to be seen whether or not this nation will "long endure" as civilization's greatest exercise in personal liberty balanced by personal responsibility. Which is why the words of Abraham Lincoln on the constitutionally protected, individual-centric and equality-driven nature of that freedom - and the terrible, unfathomable and heartbreaking cost at which it comes - are just as meaningful, just as relevant today as they were nearly 150 years ago when they were first recited at Gettysburg.

Don't let the dead have died in vain. Use your freedom wisely. And have a safe and, hopefully, reflective Memorial Day weekend."

---Lieutenant Colonel Timothy G. Cook, MD


  1. This post is a great gift on Memorial Day. Thank you.

  2. SIX: I agree whole heartedly.

    GA: The thanks is due Doc Tim.

  3. we don't have a similar holiday where i live. but i think it's a great (and necessary) one to have... to celebrate all the heroes who give so much for the country.

  4. KAMANA: It is to my mind always fitting to remember and honor those who have given their all.

  5. For your boys that served, Brighid, thank you. I was very happy to see the photos of that recent homecoming from Afghanistan, safe and sound. Big hug!

  6. B: Thanks, but my guys don't come home for a while yet, and the corpsman is scheduled to redeploy soon. Prayers for all of them!