Saturday, June 1, 2013

Characters on the Trail

I try to be fairly aware of who and what is around me, partially it is for my safety, and partially because people can be so interesting.
For instance, I saw an old friend of the Cowman limping down the sidewalk in cowtown.  He had on a black felt cowboy hat, dark glasses, a starched within an inch of it's life, long sleeve shirt, a black full length duster (coat), wranglers, black boots, and spurs with jingle bobs.  Not all that unusual for cowtown in winter, thing is it was high summer and 110 degrees out.  Then there was the fact that his head seemed to be on constant swivel.
So I yelled out to him, "Hi Monte, how are you doing?"  It was a legitimate question as he had come close to getting killed by a colt he was training a few short months back.
He hustled on down the sidewalk, duster a flapp'n, and spurs a jingling.
So, I yelled again, louder, "Monte, How Are You Doing?" 
This time he spun around, saw who was yelling, and motioned with both hands to keep my noise down.  With a shake of his head, he came across the street to stand beside me.  After a long drawn out sigh he said, "Dammit B, can't you see I'm going incognito here!"    


  1. Monte sounds like a great character for a story! So why was he risking heat stroke to go incognito?

  2. Did you take a moment to explain "Sticking out like a sore thumb"?

  3. Who was he hiding from? Himself perhaps!

  4. LADIES: He was ducking from the hospital's bill collectors. The most hard working loving dad around. Sisters of Mercy my donkey!

  5. Now that is funny. Hope you didn't blow his cover.
    Thanks for the info on the "Any Soldier." program. I will put a shout out about it on today's post. What a cool idea. Let me know how the zappers work.

  6. APATTI: Thanks for the shout out about It is one of my favorite groups supporting our troops. There are a lot of our troops still deployed in harms way!
    The Zappers are awesome, getting more to send, Thank You.