Sunday, June 23, 2013

Words of Wisdom

I had assumed that as I got older I would become wise, 
what I have learned is never to assume.
So I give you a few words of learned advice ...

"It is extremely unwise
to try for a higher kill ratio
 with the electronic Bug Zapper Racket

 Electric Bug Zapper Racket

 while drinking Flying Dog beer
Pearl Necklace<br/>Oyster Stout
  a horseback."



  1. Ha ha, glad you are using the zapper though pretty iffy on horse back. That would have been a money video.

  2. I am with Patti. Maybe there is some compensation in our cooler wet weather. The bugs are wimps and hide!

  3. A PATTI: That darn thing is so much fun, and my guys loved them as well. Thank You for the inspiration.
    GM: We are really starting to get buggy. All the irrigation causes clouds of bugs. I will try to get a pic for you!

  4. Partner got one of those zappers. I am SO going to have to show him this!

  5. B: Hope he has as much fun with it as I have.