Thursday, June 27, 2013

Adventures in living

I've been missing my sparkly eyed spunk lately. Although, I did get my hum back.  There I was striding down Parnassus in San Fran with a friend when I realized, I was humming.  My dear friend was a bit shocked when I threw my arms around her in a bear hug, and laughingly yelled, "I've got my Hum back!"  She went on to her doctor's appt , I went to Starbucks, then we were out of the land of Fruits, Nuts, & Beamer People.  

Do you think it's a sign of things to come that I received these specific ads in my personal coupon e-mail the same day "I got my hum back"?  

87% Off One Year of Online Guitar Lessons 87% Off One Year of Online Guitar Lessons

Up to 51% Off Tandem Skydiving Up to 51% Off Tandem Skydiving

Up to 51% Off Pole-Dancing Classes or Apparel Up to 51% Off Pole-Dancing Classes


  1. Pole Dancing class . . . . definitely . . .

  2. Pole Dancing class that is surely the one for you!

  3. All delightful pastimes for a hummer.

  4. Some people today think a hummer is a gas guzzling vehicle rather than a happy person.

  5. Hmmm. Pole dancing. I wonder if I could convince Lu...

    Go have fun Brighid.

  6. Well, I can see that some of you think I'm in a heck of a lot better shape than I am...just saying.
    TABOR: We don't see HumVees around here much, so I just thought (assumed) that people would know what I meant.

    SIX: I can sure forward a copy of that coupon if you want. Lu would rock it, count your blessings!

  7. Glad you've got your hum back!

  8. I only have a few questions:

    Did you take the pole dancing class?
    Did you skydive?
    Are you learning the guitar?

    All sound like fun.

  9. NELLY: Me too!

    LL: On the list, on the list, and after my parents put me thru snare-drum, clarinet, french horn, guitar, and piano lessons they decided that I was not musically inclined. Who knew!

  10. I just got the pole barn dancing lesson offer,

  11. B: Mine weren't for that kind of pole, but you go girl!

    OLD NFO: I have no idea what your questioning...