Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A guide to house sitting...

Yesterday my daughter, all the kids, all their pickups & jet skis went up to their cabin at the lake for the 4th.  I am house/dog/cat sitting for them. 
I gave her a status report via e-mail today:
No worries, it's 110 in the shade here.
Things went pretty well last night.  That damn cat of your's sure likes to yowl at night. If you put duck tape on one paw it seems to quiet right down, oh and one wrap around the muzzle.
  Finally got to sleep about 3AM, at 3:15 sharp the guys decided it was time to spray the tomato field next to the house with the helicopter. I didn't mean to throw him off by flashing my new high-powered tactical flashlight at him. Just trying to be friendly, geez! Your aerial applicator bill may be a little higher than normal.
  I'm sure I'll figure out how to turn OFF that running a muck pool sweep and the mega flat screen tv ON. I have my faithful multi-tool so I'm working on it.
Watered most of the yard this morning, may have over watered a few things, and missed a few. Who knew there was a ground wasps nest where I found it.
I'm sure Duke (my grandson's big choc lab), didn't mean to goose the pool guy into the pool. That bill may also be a bit more.
Boy, that was some lock you had on the liquor cabinet. By the way your running low on scotch and c'gars.  
Everything is fine... Love You, Mom


  1. Happy Fourth... scotch Day! I can hear you singing from this side of the pond!

  2. Loved this post. Gave me the giggles.
    Have a less eventful 4th.

  3. LOL, gotta LOVE house sitting... :-) And I'd take TWO wraps around the cat...

  4. Brighid,
    This is your BEST post ever.
    Read it outloud to the Judge and he said "Well Done!"

    As with your other readers, I laughed outloud.

    The last sentence is hysterical.

    Happy 4th.

  5. Great post, have a great 4th.

  6. A woman after my own heart.

  7. Thanks for the giggles this evening Brighid. I doff my chapeau to you. Brilliant!

  8. ALL: Thank you all for your support of the Wild Blue Eyed Granny Chronicles... tales of life in the West.

  9. Thanks for making me laugh. I needed to laugh. It sure beats crying.(-: I will also look forward to house sitting or babysitting someday.(-: