Monday, July 8, 2013

Recovery mode...

 A pic of my grand college girl, taken by her brother the devil doc up at the cabin.   

The crew is back from the cabin.  I'm back at the bunkhouse, recovering... from another adventure in house sitting!   No beer (a fair amount of scotch) was consumed.  No bugs were killed (a fair amount of c'gars were).  Oh well, there was one bee, that over committed himself, by stinging me while I was skimming the pool. 
 Starting to wonder what gives with my extended family always asking me to house sit.  How magnanimous of them not to invite trouble (me) along on their trips...


  1. "Your grand college girl" is very attractive. They say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  2. Lovely girl. Lucky them to have you to house sit!

  3. I hope her daddy owns a good shotgun (or you'll loan him yours) :-)

  4. What a beautiful girls. Gotta be in the genes.
    You need to quit being so good at the house sitting. Have a few wild parties there when they are gone and they will quit asking you. Maybe.

  5. Gorgeous girl! And you know of course, they ask you because you're dependable. Wish I had you here :)

  6. LL: Thank You, she is her mother's daughter.

    NELLY: Thank You.

    CELIA: A Double Thank You to you, I corrected the misspelling.

    OLDNFO: I think we're good, as her dad, brothers, uncle, and granny all know how to use one!

    APATTI: Thank You. Wild parties uh, what are those exactly???

    GRANNYSUE: Thank You, she's a beauty inside as well as out.
    More likely the price is right. Someday I'll make it your way!