Saturday, July 20, 2013


I drove up home to get the a/c fixed in the ol suv yesterday. Four summers without it in 100+ temps needs to come to an end.  As fate would have it the part that positively would be there this morning, wasn't.  It seems to have gotten on the parts truck, but failed to get off. I needed to get back to the bunkhouse to water for the daughter (yes they are back up at the cabin). So, still without a/c I headed out mid day.  It takes about an hour and a bit at 70 mph. With the outside temp at 110, the wind whipping my hair, and the radio blaring I had time to ponder...  

Have I become one of those "tough as an ol boot" grannies the cowboys always talked about?  I never thought it a compliment, but now I wonder.  
As a child I always thought myself a pistol, as that's what my dad called me, or a scamp, as that's what my gran called me.  What my brother called me doesn't really count, as it was my superior warrior skills that ticked him off.  He kept it up until his reach equaled mine, at which point I conceded the field, and he dropped the name calling. 
The fair princess persona never appealed. Now, the warrior princess with long blonde braids, bright pink toenails, astride her trusty stead, with an Irish wolfhound at her side, had immeasurable appeal. It was often played out, alas with a Gordon Setter, or a Border Collie instead of a noble Wolfhound.  But oh, the rush of racing full out across the fields with utter abandon, to vanquish the imagined foe.
Now I'm a gran, but the wild child inside, still pushes to go full out. She just has her boots on now...


  1. The more sand that's out of the hourglass, the more clearly you can see through it.

  2. Let the wild child run . . . . that's why the good lord gave us ibuprofen! :)

  3. It is true that what we were does become more and more what we are. If you like it, why not?

  4. Had to laugh at the description of you and your brother's relationship. Echoed mine with my brother exactly.
    I drove for years in Florida in a VW bug, no A/C. Yuck. Hope yours is blowing cold now.

  5. +1 on Eia, and one can always use the excuse that one just doesn't give a damn anymore... :-D

  6. I like the wild child side. Unless something drastic changes with work schedule I'll be out to visit the week of September 23. I'll buy the wine this time and we'll try and keep Dad out of trouble.

  7. LL: How profound lol...

    EIAFTINFO: Plan to. Yes he did!

    TABOR: That is what I'm thinking!

    AP: I'm quite sure mine thought I would be the death of him!lol! No a/c yet, but soon.

    OLDNFO: Not in the nature of old boots...

    BRIGID: YeeHaw, putting it on my calendar! Howdy to your dad.

  8. Hope you and your faithful steed are cool by now.

  9. CELIA: Not yet, but soon I hope!