Monday, February 23, 2015

Any day...

The front walk to Dad's house after the berserker chainsaw removal of two large pepper trees. They were between the junipers and the redwoods, just above the bridge piers on the right.  Now to prune-shape the Pittosporum tobira, Grevillea 'Noellii' and the ever popular dog bushes (junipers). Chop-Chop.

vetch him more green

After one of the current meetings with the money changers, Dad said, "Why didn't you rip him a new one?"  
"Dad, he has no power to change anything, therefore it would have been a waste of energy."  
Tomorrow it is back to the attorneys. I would warn them about when she wears stilettos and goes very quiet, but that would be counterproductive.

Today, the cold North wind is howling outside so I'm working on replicating this adorable crocheted crown

worn by my great-niece Finley on the occasion of her First birthday.  You can tell she's one of our clan!


  1. The princess crown is a dead give away of a young berserker in the making.

    I'd think that the handgun and cattle prod would be a dead give away -- but, ok, stiletto heels added to that makes for a deadly combination.

    Ok, I guess that you could also carry your chainsaw if you want to underscore the point with the lawyers.

  2. Grampa would say"Ja sure, dey might have a problem vit dat der chainsaw."

  3. Good one! Be careful you don't 'trim' the wrong things, like appendages... Sigh. And the little one is cute as a bug! :-)

  4. For some reason, I always thought that the chainsaw threat was more credible in Texas because of the chainsaw massacre movie. When my daughter makes Texas Sheetcake for occasions, I call it "Texas Sheetcake Massacre". When they serve that thick Texas Toast/bread, I call it Texas Toast Massacre.

    I'm weird like that.

  5. Are you grooming Finley for gymnastics?

  6. That young lady is ready for the olympics! I only wish my joints were that supple!

  7. LL: All the women in this clan are trained as berserkers.


    OLDNFO: Yes Sir. She is a cutie for sure.

    LL: A friend from Texas makes a mean Texas Sheet Cake, it's to die for.

    ODIE: Nope, just how to kick butt, and take names.

    GRANNYMAR: Once upon a time...
    Sending you some Cali sun to warm you up!

  8. I LOVE the crown! Totally going to make a couple for my kids! (It won't turn out as cute as that one, I'm sure, but as long as they never see this picture, they'll never know...)