Thursday, February 5, 2015

Spent time...

the Ceanothus is blooming

I have been busy doing the berserker chain saw attack to the over planted landscape around the house. Took out four large pepper trees that were blocking the light and growing into the redwoods. Lots more to do in shaping some of the big shrubs, and I need to get the alfalfa pellets put around the roses before the next storm comes in.

Went down to Marymine's to help her with a project, and to watch my granddaughter, Lauren, play HS basketball. Her team beat their rivals big time. Lauren also plays traveling volleyball.

Lauren #21
 I have been reminded what bleacher butt feels like...

Saw grandson Colt as well, and got lots of hugs, YeeHaw! He is busy between diesel school and working on the family farms. 
Pic of the boys last hunt'n trip. Not going hungry around there.

Picked up my Walther yesterday!  I hope to get it out to the range, sooner than later.  Dad has decided that I made a  wise purchase, and said that he will fund all the ammo if I let him shoot it,

And haul him around to visit all his ol (lady) friends,
which means this could be my guardian angel...


  1. Spring must come early for you. We wouldn't see ceanothus in bloom for at least another 6-8 weeks. And what are those birds? Do they freeze them?

  2. Flowers? Really? My lenten rose is just budding. Your grandkids are too old for you. You must have married at 15!

  3. I recently spent some serious time at a wrestling tournament - I have new respect for my Mom for all the games she sat in those bleachers for. I will stand next time!

  4. Duck!

    That phrase won't be uttered in NorCal again anytime soon...because you cleaned them out.

  5. Nice haul on the boids! What did they do with all those feathers???

  6. +1 LL

    Lauren looks [very cutely] FIERCE! Good berserker genes there!

    The last pic cracked me up big time.


  7. NELLY: It has been unseasonably warm for us in January, so things are blooming early.
    I am far from an expert on birds, so consider the source: in the pic are Mallard ducks(green head), Pintail ducks(brown head), Teal ducks (mottled), Specks(geese/speckles), & a Snow (white geese). The boys pluck & clean the ducks & geese, and give most away.
    They have a crazy plucker made from an old washing machine drum! There are plucking businesses in the area as well.

    TABOR: It is blooming early this year. LOL, I was almost 22 when I got married!

    RACE: I had forgotten to stand at least part of the time. Bless your mom for being there!

    LL: The boys live smack dab in the middle of the Pacific Flyway: only shoot the limit, pluck & clean their birds, and then give most of them away to those who are elderly, on fixed incomes or unable to hunt. So don't be thinking to give me any grief about them hunting!

    CHICKENMOM: Thanks! They have a home made duck plucker, and there are buyers for feathers, or they plow them into the fields.

    JENNY: She is a hoot, my Lauren, not a mean bone in her, and plenty of dry whit. I thought you might enjoy my angel.

  8. Hey, you stole that last one from MY angel... :-) And congrats to Lauren and the team!

  9. GRANNYMAR: I love her too, and I'm thankful she has stuck with me this long... It can't be easy being a berserkers guardian...

    OLDNFO: I've been around longer, that's why she's pooped out! Thanks!

  10. I can't cook wild bird worth a darn so they would have to share those with someone else.

  11. I'm up here waiting for snow. We're just having rain right now. Is there anything you won't tackle "Miss Chainsaw"?

  12. Sounds like life is full and good right now. Enjoy the bleacher butt. My grandkids are several states away and time to visit short with Dad's health.

  13. GRANNYANNIE: I think the secret is lots of BACON!

    ODIE: We really need the rain, not so much the high winds. Nope not much, lol.

    BRIGID: I have years & years of bleacher butt spread out behind me.
    I miss seeing your dad, give him a hug for me.

  14. Berserker with a chainsaw... now there's a mental picture that deserves some photos at least. Can I hire you when the zombie apocalypse happens?

    Congrats on the Walther. It's not my gun of choice, but if the grip is comfortable for you, then it's the right one for you.

  15. EURIPIDES: LOL, tis better to picture it in your mind...
    I'm excited about taking the Walther to the range today, will let you know how much I like it after a couple 100 rounds.

  16. Front sight, press! Yes the weather has been spectacular, the weekend's rain torrent notwithstanding. Folsom lake is up 8-feet. Rain is still trickling out of the mountains. Have fun at the range!