Tuesday, January 27, 2015

More bang...

Mt Shasta on the way to the range

The weather has been mighty fine, yes we need more rain for the cow feed. I'm all hat no cattle now, but will forever be calculating feed conversion ratios. That aside it has been spectacular weather. Just being outside and enjoying the beauty of this place is Awesome.

Mt Lassen on the way to the range

T is back from his travels with his lady, and in prepping for his week at Front Sight he asked if I wanted to go to the range with him.  Yes Siree! Range bag and I will be waiting at the curb.  
First day I shot like crap, would have been more productive in some ways to nail a cow pie to the stand and throw rocks at it. 
cow pies at the range
Thankfully T is the most patient of one on one instructors. I know how lucky I am to have him willing to spend the time with me. Plus he has me shoot whatever in his arsenal he is working with, giving me a much broader experience than I could ever afford otherwise.
Rifles, and shotguns and I get along well. Ring that gong! The pistols are another story. Still love the little Sig, but it's pricey to shoot. Sooo, when I went to my friendly Local gunny store for more ammo, I got a Walther P22.  It was a studied purchase and I'm anxious to get it to the range. 

Second day on the range was a little bit better, T changed up my drills and I tightened up the pattern.  But the little Sig sure didn't like the ammo I had switched to, another lesson learned. 
As soon as T is back from Front Sight and I can pickup the Walther, we will go again. In the mean time there is lots to practice and learn.


  1. Snow capped mountains and cow pies.

  2. I have a friend who makes his own ammo and from what his wife says, it requires immense knowledge of engineering and physics and math. All are weaknesses for me, but the last time I shot a rifle I was a kid. Love that scenery.

  3. Maybe I will call our new guns and ammo place today.

  4. The Walther is a very good choice.

    And if you were shooting Blazer Ammunition (you didn't specify), the quality is so bad that the print on the target does not reflect where you are pointing...

  5. Keep practicing!
    it will get better!!!

  6. I'll keep my head down, I know nothing about guns.

  7. That's what Shasta looked like when I drove past on the way to Portland recently. God's country indeed!

  8. CHICKENMOM: LOL that is what I think, too. My pictures from a moving pickup don't begin to do it justice...

    TABOR: I hear it is an art form to do it correctly.

    GRANNYANNIE: You go girl!

    LL: Thanks, I hope Walt was a wise decision. I will know the brand when I see it again. Actually was good practice in clearing.

    OLDNFO: Aren't you glad I have another mentor to pester? lol

    GRANNYMAR: You're doing what works for you, as I am.

    CWSANSON: I thought you went the Susanville route, you blew through RB and didn't honk & wave!

  9. I was up in your neck of the woods once, several years ago. VERY LOVELY territory! I'm glad you're getting to enjoy the weather! Such a delight.

  10. JENNY: It was another Beautiful day today! I love that you can just be driving around town and see more than one snow covered volcano.

  11. The sight of all those volcanoes must bring the "cave woman" out in a berserker... Which is why you live in the land of fire and ice, right?

  12. What model SIG and caliber do you have? I have a .22 conversion kit for my P220 .45 ACP SIG and it helps with less expensive training.

  13. LL: LOL damn straight!

    CHUCKW: It's a P238HD 380 ACP SIG which as far as I know they don't have a conversion kit for... thus the purchase of the Walther.

  14. When I go to the range I take everything I have, but the 22's see most of the action at 4 cents a round.

  15. WOODSTERMAN: Odie, I so wanted to make a smart a$$ remark about take'n 22's to the range, but will refrain... lol

  16. The berserker gets her volcanoes and, with a hair more driving, an entire OCEAN. There's power all around feeding your soul!

  17. Great pics and congrats on the Walther (I've been "meditating" on getting one...)

  18. JENNY: Yep, there really is!

    LSP: Thanks, there comes a time when action is called for after the meditation...