Tuesday, January 6, 2015

dash away...

 she's look'n for a dashboard... got any suggestions?

Since the Corpsman is now stationed on the other coast, and has a sweet Canadian girlfriend to look out for him, not so many packages are sent to miserable places.

Another bunch of helo flying, gunny "sons" are back in CONUS as well!  What great guys, and do they ever have stories. Stories, that I'm not sure they even tell their families, but, somehow feel comfortable enough to tell their "mom".
They never asked for anything, other than to know someone far away cared.  The stories, pictures, letters, and e-mails they sent made them mine. Most stay in touch and keep me up on what is happening in their lives.  They do way more for me than I ever did for them. 
I don't think much of what I sent my "sons" was on the approved list...

but, the pictures and videos of their smiling faces said they approved.


  1. Morale is never politically correct.

    "They teach young men to drop fire on people but won't let them write 'fuck' on the side of their airplanes because it's obscene" - Col Kurtz character, Apocalypse Now

  2. They were lucky too to have you.

  3. Thanks for the recommended gifts for my two Navy grandsons. LOL

  4. +1 on LL!!! Thanks for stepping up!

  5. ODIE: Good for them! Love my guys.

    LL: To hell with PC, those are my guys!

    NELLY: Thanks, but I'm just a "mom".

    GRANNY ANNIE: LOL, I have a list of Good stuff to send if you are interested, wink!

    OLD NFO: Just what moms do.

    EURIPIDES: They are the ones that have stepped up, not me.