Monday, January 12, 2015


photo by J Cano

Things are a little crazier than normal around here at the moment.  Dad is slowly recovering from bronchitis, mom is fading with dementia (she has been totally bedridden for the last year and unable to do anything for herself), and I'm working a crappy little head cold. I'm not on any type of medication for anything, so I don't want to take cold medicine as it knocks me out, even in low doses.

In order to keep Dad from outdoor projects, he and I have been going through the boxes of family pictures and putting full names, places, and dates to as many as possible. The process is slow as there are some great stories about my dad and my paternal grandpa that I have never heard before.  So much history there that I want to share with my children.

Things may be thin on the ol blog for a while...

so, HERE  is a rerun of a day full of sunshine, horses, cattle, green grass, rolling hills, gunships, and laughter... 


  1. Hang in there, and enjoy the stories and pictures!

  2. Getting the family history written down is more important than the blog.
    Oh, how I wished I had taken the time with my Mom & Dad! It's all gone now except for what little is written on the back of old black and white photographs.

  3. Sorry for your challenges but envious of your precious time with your father and his stories. TAKE NOTES. You are so lucky to be going through this. My brother did it with my Dad before he passed, but brother lives far away and is a quiet soul.

  4. I sure wish I had done more of that with my folks, good on you and him.

  5. Take it one day at a time, Brig. You're a noble woman.

  6. As LL says:one day at a time. You are doing a marvellous job. With the photo cataloguing, you are keeping your dad quiet and also learning as you go.

  7. Best wishes and a heart full of empathy for you, your dad, and your mom. Mine crossed over the veil the same way several years ago.

  8. I love that you're recording his stories. What a priceless gift you're giving him and your kids, and their kids...
    Hang in there!

  9. OLD NFO: I plan to, thanks!

    CHICKENMOM: It is sad to loose that connection.

    TABOR: Maybe your brother could do an audio tape of what he knows, that way he could do it from his home.

    CELIA: We should have done this long ago...

    LL: Thanks for the kind words.

    GRANNYMAR: There are some stories that may well be lost when Dad goes, so I need to do this.

    EURIPIDES: Thank you! I hope you got the chance to say good bye.

    LSP: Keep'm coming Padre!

    JENNY: Take care that you do the same, you will be glad you did, down the road. Hugs, Brig

  10. You can work through those ups and downs, but if you can't come to my place and I'll really show you crazy.

  11. WOODSTERMAN: Thanks Odie, I noticed you were not crazy enough... to give me the address!