Thursday, January 8, 2015

Yes Ma'am...

Dad's sick, has a slight cough and much weaker legs. He was running a fever last night and not doing well, so I called the EMT's to come check him out. 
 After a lifetime with the Cowman I pretty much know the routine, having been on a first name basis with scores of EMT's, ER docs, and helo drivers between San Luis Obispo and Southern Oregon.  God I miss Doc Charlie... when the Cowman would have a really bad reaction, he thought nothing of driving out to the home ranch in the middle of the night to give him an IV glucose push, and hang around til he was stable. 
 I had given Dad Ibuprofen and was pushing the pedialyte, but wasn't sure if that was enough. The EMTs checked him over. His vitals were good, lungs clear, and he was not disoriented or showing any signs of stroke.  After talking to the ER doc, and with dad's refusal to be transported to the ER, he said I was doing everything I could and to get him to his primary care doc as soon as I could arrange it.   
Dad felt somewhat better today, temp is normal, legs are not quite as weak, he's eating good and I'm still pushing the fluids.
Finally, got an appt for him with his local primary doc, tomorrow evening!  Which Dad is not happy about because he thinks he might be late to poker night with the guys...
I really need to find at least one more relief caregiver for mom, as the one we have is not always available on short notice.  And try as I might I can't be in two places at once.

It would be nice to have Two Ponies Joe here for some cowboy medicine man input.  A quiet Indian cowboy, who seemed old at the time, who taught me how to fix a prolapsed heifer slicker than snot, and a bunch of handy poultices. He would have an opinion on what to do for Dad.
And say what you will about the VA but I really like the clinic here. They have been wonderful to Dad. Late late last night the advise nurse called,  because she had been contacted by my out of state SIL. I gave her all the info on what had transpired that evening, and she said, "you have done everything right, and you are doing everything that can be done, so my advice to you is to just tell your SIL to f**k off." 
"Yes ma'am, I will." 


  1. Sometimes people need to rely on the person on scene to deal with challenging or uncomfortable situations that are in progress. It seems to me that you have things under control.

  2. Siblings and siblings-in-law are wonderful until it comes to giving advice from a distance to the on-sight caregiver. Love your suggestion from the VA and hope you took it.


  3. as the professional there said- you've done great and will no doubt continue too..
    sil-another armchair quarterback:(
    sorry you have to deal with her on top of all you already have to cope with and take care of..

  4. You done good, and yes tell her to piss off... OR get her but down there and take over...

  5. I am sure some of that from SIL is guilt because she cannot be there. I hope you find more help. There must be time for you to just ride or kayak or sit over coffee and talk to someone to restore your soul.

  6. It is not easy being primary caregiver for two elderly people with very different needs. It is actually two separate jobs without the third of running the household. I hope you find the help needed quickly, you need rest too. Take care my friend.

  7. Remember growing up when the Doc would come to our house carrying his little black bag and he always had a lollypop or two hidden in there for us.

  8. stay strong! I hope you find the relief caregiver soon. You need some R&R!

  9. LL: I'm trying...

    GRANNY ANNIE: When I stopped laughing, I for sure considered it.

    SONNY G: Thanks for stopping by, and I'm trying to restrain the berserker in me...

    OLD NFO: It would be a temporary high, and not really worth the fallout.

    TABOR: Nope, it's just her. I'm working on the more help, and getting out a bit more.

    GRANNYMAR: Thanks for the kind words.

    CHICKENMOM: When I was little we had a doc that gave out lollypops with the soft loop handle...

    JENNY: Trying, and yes I do, but it isn't about me.

    ALL: Dad went to doc this evening, now on stout antibiotic for bronchitis, and feeling much better!