Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bookn it...

My first time at the book club's regular gathering went fairly well.  I only had two glasses of wine with some sort of brie concoction in between them, so this time I made no mention of hot romance novels. We each gave a synopsis of the book for this month.  Thankfully, I was next to last, and by that time I had gathered my wandering thoughts enough to sound "somewhat sane" (somewhat). The others had more wine then I, so didn't appear to notice my ineptitude.
They seem like an interesting group.  They are nine bright articulate women. I know, I know I thought the same thing... What the heck is Brig doing in this group? 
Interspersed with and following the book reviews we got onto the topic of local politics.  A very lively and informative discussion followed. Most of us agreed that we can do little to nothing at the state or national level, but locally we can make a difference.  If we don't try then we will never succeed. Some very solid solutions to local issues were put forth, and I'm interested in seeing them come to fruition.
I haven't belonged to a group of anything in quite a while.  Partly because I've been there done that in the ranching business, and partly because I'm leery of the machinations involved. Or I've simply been lazy about making the effort. Maybe it's time to again make the effort...

Oh, and my turn to pick the book of the month is coming up, so if you have any suggestions...


  1. I'm not the one to ask for book recommendations, but enjoy the new group, the wine and good luck with working on the solutions to local issues.

    PS Enjoy the Wine too!

  2. Only two glasses? Book club meetings are more fun with bottomless vodka tonics.

  3. Big Little Lies, while about spousal abuse has some funny moments and is about a group of women at an elementary school and a murder. It does not get too creepy as the flash forward parts keep you guessing. There is a little romance, nothing hot and heavy. And a fairly easy read. Glad to see you have gotten out and about and I hope you continue to stay with this group for at least a while!

  4. I discovered Ivan Doig late but with great joy. Raised in the out-there of Montana, many of his novels are set there. My favorite is "The Whistling Season." A motherless Montana homesteader family hires a housekeeper based on her advert that says "can't cook but doesn't bite..." It's become my favorite saying, as well as my one of my favorite books.

  5. Like Doig so much here's a link

  6. Do they know that you're packing a handgun? Just curious.

  7. GRANNYMAR: It should be an interesting year.

    CW: LOL. This group may get there...

    TABOR: Thanks for the interesting recommendation, I will check it out. I have made the commitment to participate and will certainly try to keep it.

    CELIA: That sounds like a book I would enjoy, will be reading it either way. Thanks for the link, too.

    LL: At least five of them do, as they also have CCW permits. Two others know, the rest I don't think so.

  8. A book that would be right up your alley is BUCKSKIN BESSIE, HER LOST LETTERS by Monica James who writes the blog Changes in the wind. She and her husband are both quick draw champions. I loved this book a lot.

  9. I think that I'd push for some Western-American literature- something like "My Antonia". Good book, classic, period piece but with a woman's theme.

  10. So, those groups really exist? I always thought it was fodder for TV sit-coms.

  11. GRANNY ANNIE: That does sound like a good read, Thanks.

    LL: Hmmm, I will check it out.

    OLD NFO: Oh, Hell No!

    WOODSTERMAN: LOL, No fodder here.

  12. I always think of what Twain said about membership in groups. Doesn't always stop me though.

    How 'bout trashy romance sci-fi?

  13. 50 Shades of Gray in the septuagenarian reading group could be nothing short of BRILLIANT, Old NFO.

  14. Two glasses of wine?

    Very restrained.

  15. Bottomless vodka tonics would make the reading group a LOT more fun.

  16. all the book clubs I've been in proved to be covers for drinking parties. so, considering the situation, I have to second the bottomless tonics...

  17. Jenny, if the group is co-ed and the tonics are endless and they're reading 50 Shades of Gray, they should also bring rope...or handcuffs...or other supplies. Brig already has a cattle prod and hog-ties for the calves.

  18. Suggestions? Well. . . . . .
    bark bark (and it's only $2.99 on Kindle)


    I did my first guest spot at a book club - it was really very fun and the wine and snackies were excellent.

  19. PRAIRIEADVENTURE: Doesn't seem to stop me either. Thanks for the referral.

    LL: Ugh, shine that on some other group. There is only one member that qualifies for that age level.

    LSP: Thanks, it was easy for a berserker that prefers scotch, Padre.

    LL: Just think what FUN it would be if we had the author of say "The Old Whore" at one of the gatherings...

    JENNY: They don't seem to be hard hitters, early days though.

    LL: Brig only uses them on cattle. That's her story & she's stick'n to it.

    BRIGID: I think they would love The Book of Barkley - LB Johnson. Glad to hear you are doing book clubs!

  20. I strongly second LL coming to a bottomless tonics book club meeting to promote "The Old Whore." :) And I look forward to the follow-up post ... cattle prod details may or may not be left out as needed. Texans need their kicks!!