Saturday, September 26, 2015

cut'n bait...

Dad has not been happy with me, as I have refused to take him salmon fishing in Ol Ugly without one of the guys going along to help. 

There is adventurous and then there is foolhardy. I don't mind being the first, but prefer not to be the second.
As most of the guys are busy with other endeavors, I told Dad I would get him on a guided boat here. Nope, he insisted on a guided boat two hours travel time away.  He set it up for Thursday morning. When I spoke with the guide to get directions and time, he said, "have him here ready to go at 5 AM". I told Dad I was taking him to the guide as that was too far afield for him to drive by himself.  He was good with that, and up and ready to hit the road at 3 AM in order to meet the guide on time.  Half way there Dad said under his breath... "this was not a wise idea, I should have let you get a local guide". I cupped an ear and asked him to repeat that, as I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly the first time.
He had a good time fishing, but only got two bumps and no salmon were boated. Such is the nature of fishing and life.
Saturday is Dad's 92nd birthday. The WWW (wealth widder woman) has invited him to lunch to celebrate.

 Since  WWW doesn't drive anymore, after that crazy fellow on a bicycle somehow ended up as a hood ornament on her Lincoln, I will be ferrying them around in my SUV, again...


  1. Happy Birthday wishes for your Dad - he and my Dad would have been great pals. And oh, the fishing stories...

  2. Happy Birthday to him! And thanks for stepping up and 'chaperoning' Driving them around! :-D

  3. Enjoy playing chauffeur to the birthday boy and his date. Bless their energy and love of life, so many just want to sit in a corner waiting....

  4. WWW seems to be a good fit for Dad.

    Maybe instead of salmon, you should try for rainbow trout or do some other style of standard bait fishing in a lake where he can sit in his chair and hold his rod?

  5. This may be my husband in years to come.

  6. It's funny about aging. Sorta.
    Your Dad has provided an interesting blueprint, don't you think? From reading your blog over the years, I feel that you are like your dad. Is that true?

    The best part of celebrating your father's 92nd birthday is that he knows it is his birthday. God love him.

  7. CHICKENMOM: I bet they would have been buds. Dad had a good Birthday.

    OLDNFO: Thanks, I will pass on your well wishes.

    WOODSTERMAN: Thank You!

    GRANNYMAR: No corner setters allowed here. They were a hoot at the BD lunch.

    LL: She has his number... lol I have him out with a friend on the river fishing, as I speak. Pray for a catch. He doesn't want to be a shore fisherman or I would have him parked at the lake.

    TABOR: Not sure whether to wish that on you or not. lol.

    CHERI: You have stated the fact fairly. I have no problem being a lot like him in many respects.
    It is a blessing that he is as sharp as ever. We all enjoy him immensely.