Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fish On...

YeeHaw, Dad scored this morning with the Salmon.  He has been beam'n all day.  Shared the bounty with our neighbors and we be smok'n Salmon this weekend.

A very big THANK YOU to my SIL Sass and family friend Kris.  You went the extra mile to make it a special day for the ol guy. 


  1. If they were any larger, they'd have pulled Dad into the river. Well done Dad!!

  2. I went salmon fishing yesterday with my son here in Michigan on a river in the western part of the state. No fish caught, but saw many, saw my son, whom I don't see as much as I wish I did, and had a great time so it was a huge success.

    Good for your dad, as he not only got to go fishing but he came home with fish. A great two-fer!

  3. Now that is cool and they really are a fisherman's dream. No need for exaggeration here. They are huge. So glad your Dad finally scored big.

  4. Just have ol Dad send me some filets, I'll cut him a deal and smoke them for only $90/lb.

    The salmon tastes way better the more you pay for it. Much like caviar.

  5. You could not be building any better memories. Look at that happy papa! Don't you just love to see him smile?!

  6. LL: River monsters have been shared and smoked. Yummy!

    CELIA: He is ready to go again...

    PIGPEN51: The best thing to get time with our kids and grandkids! Good for You!

    ARKANSASPATTI: He loved every minute of it!

    FREDD: Sorry to bypass your booming business model, but I already smoked'm. You could franchise me the Nor Cali smoke'n operation...

  7. Nice catch!! Those are bigger than I've ever seen!