Monday, September 21, 2015

Holding Your Breath...

So what has been happening here, you asked with baited breath:
One of my SIL's gave me a fresh caught salmon.  Her late husband had the best smoked salmon recipe, so I got that recipe as well.  Nothing to smoke it in, requiring a trip to SA Thrift store. Found a like new Weber for $5.  Brined the salmon in the BIL's recipe.  Smoked that sucker with the help of the flying man. It turned out very well.  Sent some home with the pilotman, served some to Dad's poker night cronies, ate some, and stashed the rest for the return of the pilot.

Spent a day on the river in our kayaks with the pilotman.  My Kayak is too small for much touring, so he found me another, and I will get it this week. He tried it out at Tahoe and says that it "maybe" faster than his... Yes!  Not competitive at all here...
Willie recently got away from Dad on a return trip from the mailbox. He took out after the neighbors cat. Both went down a drain pipe, and the battle began.  Neighbor girls boyfriend bravely rescued Willie from the pipe.  From the looks of Willie he lost the skirmish big time.  Cleaned him up and took him to the vet as there was a tear in his third eyelid that I wasn't equipped to repair.  He is well now, following surgery. The girls next door (their mauler cat) brought this cute get well basket for Willie. 

 He is love'n the extra attention from Dad & the girls. He still hasn't learned his lesson about cats, especially ones twice his size.

I'm still going to Yoga... so there I was in Yoga class practicing my CCW draw from warrior two pose, wear'n my favorite tee when I was told to breathe. What!

Was having trouble with the Walther. The pilotman had me practice til I could field strip that thing in near darkness. It has been cleaned, and I have learned that it doesn't function well if it is the slightest bit dirty.  I have been spoiled by the little Sig that will keep on going no matter how dirty it is.  Have also learned that even the oldest & best shooters at the range don't know everything. The Walther wasn't firing and I had no idea why, walked it over to a couple of the regulars. They tried every thing they could think of, no go.  Took it on down the line to a couple more guys that work with many guns.  They looked at it, tried it, fiddled with it, no go. Took it further down the line to the guy that works in the gunny store, he fiddled with it, no go. Then he walks to the line and puts three down range, dead on.  We all looked around in amazement. "What did you do to it?" we asked. "I switched it off Safe," he answered.


  1. ALWAYS switch off "safe" before engaging the evil zombie target.

  2. salmon are running here in Michigan off the big lake into our many rivers on the western side. not like in the 70's when you could catch them with nets they were so plentiful, but they are still a beautiful fish to behold. good for you to be able to get a fresh one and have a good recipe.

    And the 3 down range is just right for those zombies. you really want those dead things to stay dead.

  3. That last line is a hoot! Good Lord. Sounds like you've been busier than ever, lady.

  4. I've lost out on several hogs because of the "safe" -- why isn't this gun shooting!! So, total sympathy...

  5. LOL, it's ALWAYS the 'little' things... Good luck with that bigger kayak!

  6. life sounds very busy at the moment. enjoy the new kayak when it arrives.

  7. You caught me with that last line. Didn't see it coming. Makes you wonder about all those other guys that missed it.

  8. There's a butcher shop in a little town near me, Elburn IL: best smoked salmon east of the Mississip. Yes, I know that's not how you spell Mississippi.

    I caught two silver salmon (also called coho) on a charter trip off the coast of Florence, Oregon, had them fileted at the dock, took them home and had them professionally smoked. Cost me all total, including the charter costs, etc: $100/pound.

    The guys in Elburn only charged me $12/pound. Lesson learned.

  9. Great stories! From successful thrift store and salmon experiment to the last line!
    Poor Willie!
    I'm gonna have to try this yoga thing...

    And we need to hear more about the faster kayak when it arrives. :) kind pilotman!

  10. LL: Excellent idea, lol.

    PIGPEN51: The salmon are slow coming up our river due to drought conditions: warm water temps, and low water levels. There are a lot of fishermen in the family and all are good about sharing their catch.
    Only zombies around here are paper targets... so far.

    GRANNYSUE: Just trying to keep up... Hope all is well with you & yours.

    LSP: Awe Padre, I have heard you are the safest.

    OLDNFO: For sure it's the small things. I'm going to find out if I can handle the fast kayak in fast water.

    GRANNYMAR: It's good to be busy, and have adventures along the way.

    ARKANSASPATTI: Lesson learned.

    FREDD: My cost came to roughly 1.60/lb, if I factor in price of BBQ, briquettes, alder chips, and spices that I bought. Next batch will be even more cost effective.

    JENNY: Thanks for the kind words.
    Give Yoga a try, you might like it. I struggle trying to find my center, lol.
    I will report on the faster kayak.

  11. Tis a brave shooter that tells that story.