Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grazing rights

Having escaped the house corral, she snuck into the garden. Ah, the smell of grass and pine and dirt. I'll just check on the ol hens, thought she. Navigating thru the veggies, she spied a lovely bit of lettuce, munch, munch. Humm, on to the spring onions, just a few. Swooning thru the Italian parsley on she went. These little carrots are mighty tasty. A few nasturtium leaves will add the pepper. Onward with a pinch of thyme. A handful of sugar snow peas, well maybe just a few more. Munch, munch, those Swiss chards are fine. A glint of red, the strawberries oh my, berry delicious. Having gathered the eggs, she returned to the house corral to tell Himself that she didn't really want much dinner, and those darn ol hens are eating us out of home and hearth.


  1. I'm full too, thanks. What a delightful, tasty trip. Those sugar snow peas are my candy of choice. They never make it to the pot.

  2. I hope you picked some for me!

  3. I am beginning to be in the same boat as you although much of the stuff you mentioned is just beginning. You just reminded me I have to go out and pick strawberries this evening...AGAIN!

  4. Oh wish I could grow all that stuff. Still working on hubby about the chickens too - maybe I could foster a couple of yours, Brighid?? x

  5. Susan: I'm just a fill-in for Coookie Monster.
    AP: As you can tell not alot of my garden makes it indoors.
    GM: I would be most happy to pick some for an International Treasure.
    Tabor: My favorite of the moment are the snow peas.
    EM: I've put most of my veggies in raised beds, surrounded by strawbale windbreaks, with pvc hoops for the row covers. Sort of a homemade greenhouse. My next door neighbor is flying home to England next week, I will have her take Maude(ol hen) in a doggie carry-on. Shall I tell her you'll meet her at the airport?

  6. Until you commented to Himself, I was sure the author was a bunny or in my rural world, a benado (deer).

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just have really enjoyed reading yours! I can relate to a lot of your stories. To funny!!!
    I had a horse like that when I was a kid. I had to learn to hold on. Somedays I didn't and I was thrown off. Its a wonder I lived through those years! I think my parents were trying to get rid of me by buying her....oh wait...she was a good deal and I really wanted a horse instead of the pony I had been riding! Needless to say we worked it out somehow. I still miss her. She became a good friend. I will be back again soon!!!

    CiNdEeS' GaRdEn

  8. hello!

    I like a story teller ...may I borrow it please? I like it just as amusement too!