Sunday, July 19, 2009

Call me Lonesome

It is too hot to even think around here. There is a long list of chores that need doing, too hot. Guess I will drag out the little purple wading pool, filler up, and then the dogs, chickens, myself, and who ever else is interested can have a pool party. No diving. Snorkel at your own risk. It's strictly BYOB.

Does your vehicle have a name? Seems I've always named our pickups & cars and given them a gender. There was the time I had Rice Rocket, for his oriental origins. Then I had Whitey,(a white pickup). He was ranch raised and did not like to go to town. The Bomber, (a big ol yellow station wagon). Do they make station wagons anymore? Cow Hauler,(the only New pickup we ever had), I hauled sooo many cows with that thing. Cow Hauler, always knew his way home. Butt Burner, had black leather with metal buckles on the seats, not a good choice for somewhere that gets 110 in the summer. Granny, was given to me by my mother-in-love and was a dear. She just sort of lost her will to live after the second engine transplant. And now Bessie, who came to me used, but still has served me well these many years. My ex-Brit neighbor has a pickup named, Henry, he's a dependable ol fellow. What say you.


  1. A car was on my mind today too! I realised as I answered a comment that I never named cars. You certainly had some string along the way and great work horses as well!

  2. I've never named any of my cars, even the old bangers I started driving in that were crying out for an appropriate name. I don't think the cars felt deprived. I've never noticed them looking sad and neglected....

  3. Hi Brighid,

    I met you over at Patti's during the tooth brushing seminar and thought I would drop by and say hello to you. Surprised to see my dear friend Grannymar here, but she is everywhere!

    I don't name my cars but my son does. He has Miles (150,000) and Janelle (Less miles cuter face)and Whitey. He loves Whitey the best and shows a lot of partiality towards him. Whitey only needs 7,000 to hit 200,000. I don't know what Jerry will do when that last mile rolls up.

    I enjoyed your remarks to Patti about how terrible the windshield washing fluid tastes. Do you really think it is worse than Windex? Maybe we should do a double blind test like they do at the wineries....

  4. Grannymar: You are a wonder, I don't know how you do it. Your comments are Always kind, uplifting, supportive, and interesting. You never seem to lose it, I can only aspire to your high standards. Pass the wine.

    Nick: that's not what they told me.

    Nancy: Ol Bessie the suv has, whispering, 237,000 miles on her, sort of like her owner she is.

  5. Snorkle at your own risk ROFL but wow that sounds like a good idea.

    I like vehicles with names, but mostly when they're older with 'character', like different colour doors. And of course it depends on the name... !

  6. Susan: You are always welcome at our little pool soirees. Swimmies are optional.
    Himself's pickup had a bit too much 'character'. So I painted it with a can of high gloss appliance spray paint. Presto changO, it looks just like a pickup that's been painted with a can of spray paint.

  7. Yes we have always named our cars/gender-ized too(-:
    My first car was a capri. I called him Cappie. Then I had A Subaru named Subie. My cars are always male for some reason(-: I have a Vibe now and his name is Vee. Mr. X is the Explorers name. I also had a "Granny" it was my GrandAm, may "he" rest in peace.(-:
    When I was a kid the family car was the "Beater" It was a older been around the block a few times Torino! Whew wee! The gas guzler Ford Truck was the Dragon.
    Naming cars makes them more part of the family and everyone knows what you are talking about(-:
    My kids also have named their cars. The tradition continues...(-:

  8. Never named our cars, just prayed that they ran for years and years. You are getting really hot weather down that way. We have had a much milder summer and I am keeping my fingers crossed against the scorcher August that is headed this way.

  9. Oops, thought sure I had left comment. Try again. Only car I named was my 74 VW bug, Reba because it was red and Carrot Top didn't seem quite right.
    Always got attached to my vehicles in an almost unhealthy way. Insisted as part of the trade in deal that the old one go to a good home.
    Loved your Butt Burner name.

  10. My very first vehicle was "My Love"

    The next one was Chiquita. I gave up after that.

  11. CiNdEe: It warms my heart to know that you have continued the tradition.
    Tabor: I'm hoping we have an unusually cool summer. OOOhmmm.
    Patti: lol leave it to you to pickup on the ol Butt Burner.
    rummuser: Oh come on, it's Never to late. Come on we'll help you.