Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Homeland Security

There we were, all six of us, Little B's wheel chair, and twelve suit cases stuffed into the rental mini van. Heading out from El Paso across the badlands of New Mexico on our way to Tuscon. "Isn't this fun?" No" came an answer from somewhere in the far back. "I have Issues" said the little voice. I must admit after you have seen one coyote, and thousands of cacti, you've pretty much seen them all.

My Sean had been driving the groaning mini van for sometime, when we spotted the border patrol. I waved at them as we started thru the check point. Just as we got even with them, Sean unintentional pressed a button and the windshield wipers came on, water squirting everywhere, and the wipers going like mad. He couldn't find the off button. I'm pretty sure the border patrol officers were laughing at us. As was I. (Because the same thing had happened to Marymine on our Chicago trip. Everytime she stopped the washers came on, and drenched anyone near us. If I remember correctly, we are now banned from the rental return area at o'hare.) We seem to have our own form of homeland security.


  1. Poor Sean!

    What a road trip it sounds like, and we're getting ready for one ourselves. In my experience, they're always miserable while they're happening, but looking back, they were brilliant LOL.

  2. Not sure I understand the geography...why were there border patrol?

  3. I think my tail-end would have issues on a long trip!

  4. I'm in the same quandry as Tabor. Anyway as hot as it has been, I'm sure a little washer fluid felt good.

  5. Susan, Sean has learned to hold his own with all the girls in his life. We really did have fun.
    Tabor, We were close to the US/Mexico border, therefore the border patrol.
    Grannymar, I have setting for long periods issues as well. We stopped occasionaly to let the girls & I take a brisk walk.
    Patti, See Tabor reply. Maybe you had to be there to think it was funny. The washer episodes have become a laughfest for the kids.

  6. Enjoyed the child with "issues" comments this post and last, amusing and I'm glad she can speak up for herself.

  7. Celia, Oh can she ever speak up for herself, takes after her Granny they tell me. LOL

  8. oooh New Mexico, the last of the four states that I can say I've ever been to, even if it was only for one hour.

    And it was even Newer when we were there, Feb 1974, the week that the Arabs turned off the worlds fuel supplies so that our chartered Boeing 707 didn't have enough fuel to get us to New York from Vegas - this is how much aircraft fuel there was in the USA that week - we had to fly to an Air Force base in Alburquerque to "borrow" some, thats one hell of a detour on anyones map. :)

    However it was dark outside so I have no lasting impression of New Mexico, but at least its one place I can tick off on the "done that" list before I die.

  9. I bet that happens quite a bit for people driving rentals(-:
    Glad you didn't get stopped at the border(-:
    Kids are so funny when they go places!!!(-:
    Happy 4th of July!!!