Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oh Brother...

I have often said, I have moved a lot.  Mostly by myself, sometimes with the help of family or friends.  This time my brother said he was coming from Ideeho to help.

"Seriously, your driving out from Ideeho to help me move to RB!"  I said.
"Yes, we are!  I will rent a trailer there and we can get it done in one go!" Buzz said. 
"Well dang,  it's only going to happen if you take my oak table and chairs back with you for your cabin, and all my tack for your mules.  Otherwise, you can't help!"

"Fine with us, see you in a couple days!"
So he and my sister by marriage, drove 650 miles to move me 85.  They were awesome help, and have called to see how I'm settling in, and tell me how much they are enjoying the table & chairs.
There is a bit of history in that table & chairs: the old oak table, came out of a barn somewhere in the back of beyond and took lots of hours with 0000 steel wool to give it life again. The pressback chairs were given to my mother by a rancher's wife while the folks were on an elk hunting trip.  The seats were gone, spindles and legs loose.  I re-caned the seats and re-dowled the spindles. They have held up pretty well for cowcamp furniture that has moved in more stock trailers than some horses...  
I'm blessed to have a great brother, who I know will always have my six. Same here, Brother O Mine.


  1. God bless our families, what would we do without 'em. Hope you are settling in well.

  2. CELIA: For Sure! Doing good, thanks. How about you?

  3. That is outstanding! And gotta love the 'good' relatives... ;-)

  4. I have always tried to be available to help my family move. I think it is the least that I can do when they are undergoing the stress of changing their lives so dramatically. My best friend from college has a table like that.

  5. The richest blessings on this earth are families that rally round. If anyone in our pack has a splinter, it is a job for the troops and they shift into high gear.

    Glad they helped you move and so happy the table lives to serve again.

  6. Isn't it a wonderful day when we realize those annoying childhood tormentors are now your most reliable friends?
    Moving is a job even your close by friends will groan and roll eyes about. My last move, my brother-in-law was stellar.
    Hope you and your super brother also manage to have fun. Laughter can help lift the heaviest couch.

  7. If only the table and chairs could talk, I am sure they heard many a good story over the years.

    Glad you are settling in to the new place. I am making way to get started on the wonderland of yarn. Ideas are still swirling about in my head.

  8. Love your brother's sweet humorous face. He and his good wife are definitely a blessing in your life.

  9. OLD NFO: Love my Family, especially my brother!

    TABOR: I hope they appreciate you.

    GRANNY ANNIE: True for my crew as well. We are blessed.

    APATTI: lol, there was much teasing and laughter. He gets his wild blue eyed sis!

    GRANNYMAR: They would have tales for sure. Can hardly wait to see what you come up with for the yarn. It has found it's rightful place!

    NELLY: He is a sweetie and a good husband, dad, brother, son.