Friday, November 15, 2013

Rock Solid

A friend called today and asked me to come and redesign her office.  She is very kind hearted but a bit of a packrat, I on the other hand, tend toward ranch minimalist.  A member of the "be packed, loaded, and ready to head out by the time the last stock truck is loaded" group.  So why she chose me to do this redesign was a mystery.  Until we walked the space, and I turned to her and asked, "How do You see this space functioning?"  She said, "See, that right there is why I asked you, of all the people I asked for help with this, you are the only one that wants to know what "I" need this space to do."  Oh great, no pressure there.  After four hours of moving heavy furniture, bagging the stuff that needed to go away, and putting a few things in storage, we had a clean neat workable space for her.  I have a few things to place to make it function even better and we will call it good.  She's happy, her man friend is happy, and so I'm happy.

Even a ranch minimalist can have a soft spot. So I told her of the time when moving cowcamp, the Cowman saw a lone box by the door, grabbed it and proceeded to load it in the nose of the stock trailer.  "Jeez, what the hell is in this box?"  The box was plainly marked, but he hadn't seen the label.  I asked him to put it in my truck and I would take care of it. As he loaded it in my pickup he saw the label...  "Box of Rocks".  "So what's really in this box?" he asked.  
"Rocks" I said, "there are three grind stones: two I found on the home ranch, and one I found up on the Sprague.  The others are the heart shaped rocks the grandkids and I have found over the years. They remind me of special people and places."  The Cowman just shook his head and said, "You know, most women collect china, or silver, or jewelry, or shoes, but not you!"  "A Box of Rocks!"  He whistled up the dogs and headed out with a shake of his head...     


  1. I like your style.

    China, silver, jewellery, or shoes, would cost a hell of a lot and take up way more space!

    I have some very odd little mementoes of people I loved or still love.

  2. You are definately a woman of many talents. I admire you hutspah (however you spell it) to help someone this way. I am also someone who would collect rocks that have memories. I think that is far better than jewelry.

  3. GRANNYMAR: Thank you. Treasures all.

    TABOR: I'm more a woman of much curiousness...