Wednesday, November 27, 2013

old bird news...

 Sometimes I forget to be thankful, and there is Much to be thankful for, even in tough times.

Recently we lost our Uncle Sam.  An amazing man, and the last of the elders in the Cowman's family to pass.  He was often traveling the world in search of, or pouring a stiff one at the house on Pawley's Island, or at the opera in the Big A.  Whenever he and Rosetta came West to get a little ranch country, we were all spell bound.  He just had that kind of presence.

Samuel Miller, longtime director of the Newark Museum, has died at 83
 Happy Trails Uncle Sam!

On another happier note, just got word from The corpsman that he has made HM2.  YeeHaw Bean, Nanner is so proud of you.

Though you are half a world away, you are held close in my heart. 
Granddaughter Ali has flown in from Kansas and Marymine is beyond busy with kids and turkeylurkey. 

 My Sean called, he and the girls will come down soon, and his best lady will be home from harvesting at the villa in Italy in time for Thanksgiving, so all is well with me and mine. 

May You be surrounded by the loves of Your life.  Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. Now THAT is a lot to be thankful for.

  2. Great family pictures, have a good Thanksgiving yourself and toss one down for Uncle Sam.

  3. Enjoy your family and Thanksgiving . . . all too often folks forget it's the simple things that makes life so special. Great looking family there.

  4. We don't do thanksgiving, but you have a wonderful time and have one for me!

  5. LL: I'm not sure I deserve such a great family, but I'll take it!

    CELIA: Thanks, hope the same is true for you. I will drink one for Uncle Sam!

    BILL: Back at you. Thanks, Keepers All!

    GRANNYMAR: Sure you do, and probably more often... it's called family!

  6. Sounds like you have the most important ingredients for your perfect Thanksgiving.

  7. Good news all around. May you have a very special day my friend.

  8. You so obviously are filled to the brim with love and loving:)