Friday, March 14, 2014

It was a good day...

Today was a good day, the weather was beautiful, 76 with a gentle breeze.  The cow feed is growing strong. Which has nothing to do with this post, it's just that it's an old habit to look at the feed situation on any given day...
My folks landscape has been molly hocked or ignored by the sometime yardman that comes.  He is a nice man, but his knowledge is in mowing turf, which they have none of.

 I have been taking on small sections, as time allows, to renovate.  There is a large pine that has been topped & sheared, so most of today was spent candle pruning it in the hope that I can train it into a more natural shape. I'm fairly sure the neighbors think I'm demented... walking around and around a pine tree, talking to it, pinching a candle here and a candle there...

When Dad and I went up for his birthday present flight, one of the places we flew over was the Song of the River house.

 It was one of my first big landscape design jobs.  With a few minor exceptions I was given free rein to design what I perceived the owners wanted and would fit that large property. They also wanted my little company of one, to do the over site on the install.  No pressure there.

In those early days I did all the design, drafting, printing and more often than not a good portion of the over-site of installs. Or on small jobs the install its self.   What can I say, I was a young mom on a mission.
The most memorable bones of the Song of the River house landscape were: The big pines (I found in large boxes in an old fellow's yard in a neighboring town) that looked like they had been shaped by the wind. The design spec for a black mica flecked bottom swimming pool (nothing reflects the sky and clouds and extends the swimming season better), to the large boulders placed (partially buried so they looked like they had always been there)... All seemed to speak to the property at large, and the needs of the owners.

The true test of a landscape design is how it holds up over time.  Flying over that property brought wonder and comfort to see that my design has stood the test of time. It has good bones. It was a good day.


  1. You deserve to feel proud. What a unique accomplishment. We have an aerial photo of our place when we bought it. I wish I could get one now showing all the work Ron did to shape and clear it and remove the dead trees and clear a view at the back to give a lake view that wasn't there before.

  2. Did you have your camera with you to capture the Song of the River house as it is today from above?

  3. Would love to see pics too! What you've done with your life NEEDS to be in a book! Hint... hint...

  4. I want a Brighid book too....full story, nothing left out.

    I've never read 50 Shades of Gray -- so maybe there are things that should be left out. I leave that to you.

  5. GRANNY ANNIE: Thanks. Sometimes it just takes a different perspective to see the possibilities. I would have loved to meet your Ron, you were blessed.

    GRANNYMAR: Sorry, no I didn't, I was so excited for Dad to be up flying again, that I forgot.

    OLD NFO: Sorry, no pics, except the ones in my mind. As to a book, nope. Wishing you much success with your book! It's a good one, Dammit.

    LL: You Sir are one of a kind, and make me laugh, Thank You. No book on a wild blue eyed granny, I wouldn't even want to go there. I never read Shades either.

  6. Must be very rewarding to have accomplished something so important that does stand the pace of time. You should try to get a photo that we can all see. Do you work in your yard or would that be something you now avoid?

  7. Only important to me, but yes it was good to see. I love being outdoors, so I still work in the yard, and plant a veggie garden every chance I get.

  8. Get up here girl. Have I got pine trees to "Talk" to.

  9. WOODSTERMAN: YeeHaw! E-mail Coordinates, I would love to Talk to your pines, and meet you & Mrs Woodsterman.