Friday, March 28, 2014

Gathering laughter...

I've pretty much healed up from the LV trip... Who knew you could get laughing moon burn in a hot tub!
The day we left home, in the rush to get out the door at O dark thirty, I put my cell phone in my everyday purse (which I did not take). Didn't even realize it, til I went to scan my boarding pass, thank goodness I had printed a confirmation copy and stowed it in my carry on. I didn't take even one pair of cowboy boots, the cowcamp honor was upheld as Marymine and granddaughter Ali both wore theirs.
All of us arrived at McCarran airport about the same time and traveled to the house we rented. It took about five minutes before there were twelve of us, (with wine in hand) in the hot tub. 
We had a great time, saw some interesting stuff, did some interesting stuff, ate at the house for the most part (there are some fantastic cooks in the family), drank a lot (there are a few in the family that worked their way thru college as bartenders), and we spent a lot of time laughing.
Never had any problems, but then it was a "very" well armed group of ladies.

the younger part of the crew, (between the lettering is the family brand in bling)

Some of us hadn't seen each other since we scattered the Cowman's ashes up at the fort, so we got to catchup on hugs, and tall tales, and laughter.
Marymine said I was, unusually, very well behaved. She only had to grab and hold me back once, and that was on the late night flight home. A balding, full of himself man, was setting behind me and hustling hard on some hoochy gals across the isle from him... which was entirely his business, except that he was very loud. Geez, I was just going to whisper in his ear:Sierra-Tango-Foxtrot-Uniform
We all had a great time, and have made plans to do it again, soon.  The next time we are going to the coast, and bringing our men!  Well, they are bringing their men, and I'm bringing myself and a kayak...


  1. Nobody was booked at the local jail? Nobody had their stomach pumped at the hospital? Nobody ended up getting married to somebody that they'd never met before at the Little Chapel of the Living Elvis (even though they had a husband back home)?

    You call that a Vegas Party?

    I expected that at least one of you would have been kidnapped and ransomed at the "big rock in the desert". (Hangover movie)

  2. LL: ROFL, I may have forgotten a detail or two... and I have a feeling we should have invited you along as Activity Director!

  3. Great picture, bet we heard the laughing all the way up here.

  4. Cute picture. Sounds like you made great use of LV yet somehow I feel you might have left some stuff out. But then that is the purpose of the location.

  5. Brighid, What happens in LV, stays in LV. Right? Sounds like you had a ball. Good for you.

  6. I guess that I could hold the bail money so that when you all go down, I could be there to spring you... I'm usually in church at a prayer meeting when I'm in Vegas. I suppose that I could keep my phone on vibrate in case of an emergency...

  7. Several things that leave me wanting:

    The stuff? You saw and did some interesting stuff?
    Can you elucidate a bit? I can't see this in my mind's eye.

    Your description of the plane trip home, however, I could see perfectly.

    Regarding the coast: you will be much better off with a kayak. I have both, a husband and a kayak, so I ought to know.

  8. CELIA: Thank you, and you probably did!

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Thanks, actually the location was picked cause the one with the most guns didn't have to fly in.

    GRANNYMAR: I did have a good time, thanks.

    LL: Dang, now you tell me about your prayer skills!

    CHERI BLOCK: Nope, some tales have to stay within the family until the statue of limitations runs out... I would prefer to take a man & a kayak.

  9. ROTF, something tells me we got the 'sanitized' version... But what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas... Unless it's a really GOOD story... :-)

  10. That sounded like fun. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  11. OLD NFO: lol... Yep you did...

    ODIE: Thanks, it was fun and so good to spend time with family.