Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Slightly bent, not broken...

It has been storm'n here, and we are getting some much needed rain. Grass is growing, reservoirs are slowly filling, but the clay soil is too wet to plant the veggie garden. If it weren't clay I would be out there planting, cheap therapy...  

Willie and I have been running in the rain, which is fine by me, not so much by Willie.  He has turned into Dad's lap dog. I think the dog biscuit jar by Dad's chair, and scraps from Dad's dinner plate have something to do with it.  Dad has started calling him with... "how's My Dog doing?" and "I'm going to turn My Dog loose on the neighbors darn cats, right after we take a nap."

An early morning run helps clear out a lot of the stuff that has gone on before and since I got back from the girls trip to LV.  It was wonderful to have a few days with the girls, not so much to come back to another !@#$ storm, that again seems to be widely advertised as my fault.  There has been a huge contest going on with mother leading the pack, to see just how many family, friends of mother's, attorneys, and assorted others it's going to take to break me in little pieces. Thankfully the hospice nurse and social worker totally get it, so they  hugged me and wished me luck as they sprinted out the door.

I try to use a little common sense, so I've found that if it's raining too hard to run safely,  another source of mental health balance is to set on top the dog house (in the covered kennel) with a neat scotch and a cigar and listen to the rain...  
The pack seem to have forgotten that I was taught survival skills early on by my late MIL, as she knew I would need them. Bless her. 
I know there will again be sunshine.  Slightly bent, not broken...


  1. Sounds like most of us these days... Scoot over... ;-)

  2. Stick with it old pal, you are doing a great job! Virtual hugs from your twin across the pond.

    The gate is wonderful!

  3. Good use for the dog house since the dog isn't using it.
    Careful running on that slick clay. April showers are necessary and will be over in due time--maybe.

  4. Love the gate but it wouldn't keep my chickens in. Scotch neat anywhere is fine.

  5. OLD NFO: Making room!

    GRANNYMAR: Thanks for the hugs! The gate is so mtn home.

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Willie doesn't like it, but I'm getting attached...

    GRANNY ANNIE: We could have a neat hen party!

    CELIA: Thanks, I will!