Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Whiskey & Water...

You just never know when your going to meet someone special.  Sunday's kayaking trip to Whiskeytown was a good example of that. 

 I was on a floating break with the gals, trying to get my bag of twigs and berries out of my dry sack, when a  handsome young Canadian flyboy befriended me. He hung on my every whispered word... in no time I had him eating out of my hand... til I ran out of Craisins.  As he flew off to pursue another,  I  swear he winked and called, "you'll be back ol water woman, see ya around".  
I'm tak'n my jetpack broom along next time, he's in for a surprise.


  1. It looks like the perfect thing to do on a perfect day. Trolling with berries...who knew?

  2. Those flyboys know where the good looking girls hang out...and which ones bring the good food.

  3. Glad to hear you are having fun. You just mind them there flyboys! ;)

  4. Hum, may have to pack craisins next trip. What a beautiful place to kayak.

  5. LL: It was a very good day, with some good friends. Maybe I should setup a twigs & berries booth on the beach free enterprise zone...

    TABOR: Pretty sure it was all about the berries!

    GRANNYMAR: I did, Thank You!

    OLD NFO: Say what?

    ARKANSAS PATTI: Pack'm, you never know who your going to meet. Thanks it is a pretty lake.

  6. Are you belted onto that kayak? I have a lot of questions about this sport.

  7. GRANNY ANNIE: Nope! The straps you see are to hold the back rest in place. I have questions, always...